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Durian, a tropical fruit that can be found in the Southern part of the Philippines and some parts of the South East Asian countries is distinctive for its large size, unique odor, and remarkable thorn-covered husk.


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Its flesh emits a strong distinctive scent that is penetrating even when the husk is intact. Some people dislike its offensive smell and taste yet to some others they regard it fragrant and delicious.
The aroma is overpowering that you cannot hide it for the whole house can whiff of it. Our family especially my children find it great tasting, they would choose the fresh edible durian flesh rather than the Durian candy.
The fruit also is becoming more and more expensive nowadays, before it was sold per piece but these days they are being sold on per kilo basis. If it is in season you can buy the native durian at 50 pesos per kilo in Davao while Monthong and Channe the more delectable varieties were sold at 80 to 120 pesos per kilo. Here in Metro Manila a native variety is priced between Php80 to Php100 per kilo, depending on which fruit market you will be buying it. It is available in big supermarkets and fruit stands in Farmer’s Market, Cubao.
Because of its odor, most airlines don’t allow the durian fruit on board.

9 thoughts on “Durian”

  1. It’s so ironic that I suffer from TMAU odors, yet I can’t stand the pungent onion-like smell of durian. I can’t even go near it and dare to taste it. I’m sorry but I will never ever appreciate it’s taste in its raw state. Candies are good, the ice cream.. no thanks.

  2. oh, the pungent durian. i admire ur kids for liking that exotic fruit. poor me, i aint got the courage (hope i will…in this lifetime hi hi) to dig into it when my BIL offered us free tasting ^_^

  3. Hmm..Haven’t tried it. hehe. Hopefully will have courage in my lifetime to try it. I have tried the durian sweets but I didn’t quite like it.

  4. For me, the smell is not that bad, it’s just different. 🙂 Durian tastes great but still not on my list of favorite fruits. 😉

  5. naku I remember tuloy nung pumasyal ung isang pinsan ng father ko galing mindanao, may pasalubong na durian na nakabalot sa dyaryo tpos nakalagay sa maliit na kaing, nung sumakay dw sya ng jeep nilagay nya sa ilalim ng upuan, tpos lahat daw ng pasahero biglng nagtinginan sa mga paanan nila baka me nakatapak dw ng pupu hahaha

  6. my hubby loves this fruit. although we don’t buy this when we’re still in manila, he would buy ice cream in durian flavor. i can’t remember if i have tasted this but i think i’d prefer the candy. 😀

  7. I don’t like the fruit but I eat Durian candy. 🙂 Palagi kaming may Durian candy dito sa bahay, pasalubong ng kapatid ko. Yung 1 pack na maliit inaabot sa amin ng 3 mos. 🙂

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