A Delish Brownies Discovery

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My husband and I decided to just to sit down and take a coffee break while waiting for our two sons to finish their magazine shopping in the bookstore one weekend.

Both our knees are aching already after roaming around the supermarket doing the grocery shopping, ahaha.  Because we have our groceries inside a pushcart, we just settled for a nearby open Café inside the mall.
The coffee shop offers these delicious brownies that I finished 3 slices in one sitting while sipping my hot coffee.  It really best complement a black coffee without sugar, my husband liked it too.


a box of delish brownies

I bought a box of it to try the different flavors. An unexpected discovery, surely we will have our coffee break there again and will bring home more of their brownies 🙂

3 thoughts on “A Delish Brownies Discovery”

  1. meron ding ganyan sa SM Cebu, every time pupunta kami dun (galing Bohol) i make sure i buy a box of these delicious brownies! pasalubong na din sa mga relatives dito! hehehe… visiting mommy Joy!

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