On Calorie Counting Program and Low Carb Diet Food

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So you want to lose weight and you have exhausted all your efforts as you try the different diet programs but none seems to work. The problem is not actually with the diet program itself but the challenge that lies on the dieters’ shoulders as he or she tries to follow the program and stick to it for long term to achieve results.
One example is the Atkins diet where one must take low carb food to maintain the allowed carb and calorie intake per day in order to lose weight. And we all know that the food that we love to eat like cakes, pastries, soda, burgers, etc are the ones that are rich in calorie and high in carbohydrates making it very hard to resist temptation and to stick with the diet plan.

But to lose weight, it really boils down to our calorie intake. Calorie can be found in all the food that we eat and your calorie consumption per day depends on the carbohydrates, fat, protein, and sugar content of the food that you eat. One must monitor his or her calorie intake and it should be within the allowed limit in order to lose weight and this is where Calorie Counting diet plan will come into picture.
So what makes Calorie Counting different among the other diet plans? Some might say that it will just be like the other diet programs as you will be required to take low calorie food to lose weight but what makes it different is you don’t have to deprive yourself with foods that are rich in calorie like sweets and desserts as there are no restrictions with the Calorie Counting Diet program. You can eat whatever food you like in moderation to be within your allowed calorie intake per day. This is one advantage of the Calorie Counting program. You don’t have a feeling of deprivation and you can satisfy your cravings, which lessens the chance of a relapse thus increasing the chance of weight loss success.
So how can you start with the Calorie Counting program?

  1. First, you need to know your allowed calorie intake per day. This will depend on your body’s activities, metabolism, weight, height, and your weight loss goal. There are various sources online and even on mobile phone applications that can help you calculate this.
  2. Once you know your calorie goal per day, you can start tracking the calorie content of the food that you eat. Calorie counting program is even made easier as there are a lot of stores now like Linda’s Diet Delites which sells all kinds of low carb snacks so one can eat delicious and nutritious foods while maintaining their calorie goal per day.

That’s it, that is how easy it is. Just follow the above steps – count your calories and exercise regularly and you will surely attain your weight loss goal in no time

9 thoughts on “On Calorie Counting Program and Low Carb Diet Food”

  1. I used to count my calorie intake when I was still working out and it did really work wonders! Exercise plus taking in the ideal amount of calorie for one’s daily activities can really help those who are weight and figure conscious.. 🙂 Unfortunately though, I haven’t been minding what I take in these past few months, and I haven’t had regular exercise either so I gained back the weight I lost. But I’m planning to restart the road to a fit and healthy lifestyle again.. 🙂

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