Kiat kiat mini-oranges

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These small mandarin oranges are famous and abundant in fruit stands in local markets and grocery stores during the Yuletide Season sold at Php 80 a bag or less but it is also available in big supermarkets all year round.

kiat kiat

These little juicy oranges are perfect snacks for kids and adults as well. Our family can finish 2 to 3 bags while watching a dvd movie during the weekends. Even a kid can easily peel Kiat kiat because of its soft skin. It is called Clementines in other countries.
These tiny oranges can also be made into a fresh orange juice, and because of its sweetness, you will only need a little sugar to add on. In the Chinese tradition it is a symbol for financial luck, as it was made an ornamental plant displayed in the lawns or gardens, most commonly known as the money tree. I happen to see this photo while browsing the web, and I would like to buy this plant to gain financial luck too 🙂
photo from the web


4 thoughts on “Kiat kiat mini-oranges”

  1. wow indeed thru I’ve been living in singapore for 3 years now and even at the main gate or our condo you can this cute small mandarins and they are indeed very lucky for chinese! my friends have them whenever they found a plant like this. they actually put them as a traditional displays while filipinos here eat them a lot haha xx

    1. ahaha, its sweetness is irresistable. i would be looking for the plant at the Manila seedling bank and i’ll try my fortune and luck on it too 🙄

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