Enjoying a Royal Treatment with Magnum Ice Cream Bar

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The heat is on, as summer is officially in. Frozen delights like ice creams are sold like hotcakes once again.
Recently, I’ve been hearing my sons talk about this Magnum Ice Cream bar. I also have been reading and seeing it all over Facebook,Twitter and leading newspapers. I became pretty curious of what’s so special about it.  So the other day, when my husband called that he was already on the way home, I told him to buy Magnum in any Mini-Stop or 7-11 store he could pass by. He was puzzled of what Magnum is, so he asks again, “What’s it again? What will I buy? Ahaha, so I explained quickly “it’s an ice cream bar sweetheart”
Here it is, there are no other flavors available in the nearby Mini-stop so my loving hubby just bought the classic flavor.

Magnum Ice Cream Bar Classic

A vanilla flavoured ice cream bar coated with Belgian chocolate. Was it overrated due to numerous advertisements? I don’t think so, it will not be hyped for nothing, because it tastes good and Selecta products are proven to be one of the best in town. My husband and I love its Belgian chocolate coat so as my kids.
Classic Magnum Ice Cream

My husband bought it at Php 55 per piece in Mini-stop store, next time we will try the other flavors like chocolate truffles and almond too.  What about you, have you tried and enjoyed Magnum’s Royal Treatment?

5 thoughts on “Enjoying a Royal Treatment with Magnum Ice Cream Bar”

  1. i have not tried it but i have been hearing a lot of buzz about this magnum ice cream bar, i cannot wait to sample them. i would probably go for the chocolate truffles or the almond variant!
    this post is making me crave for ice cream on this hot Sunday afternoon ^_^

  2. I was really curious about the hype hihi, we love Magnum kasi…I think since my older son was born we’ve had them over summers…tapos I found nga yun Magnum Infinity, ayun nakipost ako..lol

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