A Teatime Inspired by Continental Recipes

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There’s a well-known ritual behind afternoon tea: the familiar sound of the kettle boiling, the warmth of the cup and the sweet treats that follow.
More often than not though, the biscuits in your cupboard can become a predictable presence and tea lovers with a sweet tooth risk having to settle for the boring option.
Traditional treats often come to our aidwhen trying to bring the excitement back into teatime, but today it’s some ideas from around Europe that have caught the attention of our taste buds.
A classy, evergreen favourite from across the channel is the madeleine, which some may remember for being at the centre of Marcel Proust’s masterpiece, In Search of Lost Time.
To be enjoyed plain or dipped into your favourite tea,  these shell-shaped little cakes are a typical product of the French city of Commercy in the Lorraine regionand their preparation is relatively straight-forward.
The core ingredients are simple ones such as butter, flour and eggs, but the secret lies also in the shape: don’t forget to buy a madeleine pan, which can be easily found online.
With an equally long history behind it, the Austrian Sachertorte is one of the best treats a chocolate lover can dream of.
Invented in Vienna in 1832 by Franz Sacher, this cake soon became a favourite of the Austro-Ungaric court and one of the culinary symbols of the country.
Its success lies in the rich flavour, its excellent texture and the unique combination of chocolate and apricot jam. Sachertorte is the kind of cake that you’ll happily store in the fridge for a few more days, ready to grab a slice anytime the call of the sweet kicks in.
Crossing the border to Italy and its cuisine, you’ll be able to find plenty more ideas for a sweet afternoon, but we particularly recommend castagnole, often overlooked Carnival fritters, which, although not exactly the healthiest option, can become easily addictive.
Castagnole are usually sprinkled with caster sugar, and, if you’ve already had enough tea for the day, go along perfectly with a nice bottle of Prosecco.

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  1. I got curious on this kind of cake as I love cake with simple taste with no overpowering sweetness.. and tea is just perfect. 🙂

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