Flame Broiled Burgers

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Flame Broiled burgers are juicier and tastier than fried. As it contains fewer fats for me and my husband to enjoy :).  Among the burger chains around, we found Burger King Burgers yummy and pleasurable for a merienda treat.
My husband ordered for a Whopper Jr. with cheese meal while I settled for a BK single meal. We chose onion rings and French fries for add-ons with mustard dip instead of catsup.  And because it was 3 pm in the afternoon, my husband opted for coffee while I preferred a soda.

French Fries, Onion Rings, mustard dip and Chocolate sundae

BK's Whopper Jr.

In some of BK branches out of the country, they offer the “create your own meal”, you can choose from the menu and customize your own sandwich.

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