Creamy Crema de Fruta

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Another delectable dessert that satisfies my sweet tooth is Crema de Fruta. It is one of the popular Filipino confections often seen in the festive table during special occasions.

Goldilocks' Crema de Fruta

It has been quite a while since I last nibbled on this sweet treat. I only bought the small size from Goldilocks bakeshop, for I thought it will be only me and my husband who’s going to finish it. Because, the last time I purchased one, my sons ignored it for they did not like its taste.  However, this time I was not able to get a second serving anymore. My two hefty eaters consumed it in one sitting, lol.
Crema de Fruta is a soft sponge cake, topped in succeeding layers of cream, custard, candied fruit, and gelatin.

8 thoughts on “Creamy Crema de Fruta”

  1. Matagal-tagal na rin akong hindi nakakakain ng Crema de Fruta, at ngayon mas namissed ko siya. Ang dami ko talagang kakainin pagkapanganak ko 😀

    1. oh! are you already on the third trimester? diet na na ba dahil malaki si baby?
      anyway, pig out on it once the baby is out, keep safe dear!

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