Buko Salad

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Once again my youngest son Yahmir, tried to make a dessert and this time it is Buko Salad. The procedure is just the same with making a fruit a salad, only shredded buko(young coconut) was added in this recipe.

Fruit cocktail, one can
Nestle Cream or all purpose cream, one can
Condensed milk
Shredded young coconut (buko), around 3-4 young coconut
Drain the syrup of the canned fruit cocktail.
In a mixing bowl mix the drained fruits, shredded young coconut, nestle cream  then add desired amount of condensed milk.
Chill, thenserve
I am very happy that atleast one of my two sons is interested in helping me out in the kitchen. He can cook his own sunny side up egg and can cook our rice through a rice cooker already.  During weekends he wakes up early and goes with me to the market. Lately, he is the one planning for his weekly school baon menu. I encourage him to cook more, with my assistance of course because he is only 12 years old.
We are both happy for he had done his salad better this time, not too sweet and it does notlook like a soup anymore ahaha.

11 thoughts on “Buko Salad”

  1. he's a lil too late to join master's chef hehehe, we always had a buco tree with really young nuts on it, whenever it accumulated I pay someone to get them all, an instant salad and money

  2. oooh! I have been craving for buko salad for 2 weeks now. I want my mom's buko salad but she's on vacay in Ilocos.. Huhuhu.. Thanks for making me crave more. lol =)

  3. I can smell the buko salad from here,delicious. I thought that your youngest is already a teenager ,12 pa lang pala.it is good that he is helping you out in the kitchen.My eldest too is a big help in the kitchen.he cooks his own breakfast and do some recipe of his own.

  4. Fruit salad is my Mom's specialty. We consumed so much of it this past holidays, I think I am still working off all the pounds I gained from her fruit salad =)

  5. Buko salad is one of my favorite desserts during fiesta. It's also very much in demand. It's very good you're teaching your son how to cook. At least bata pa sya alam na nya ang value ng own efforts di lang nagrerely sa yaya o sa mama hehe

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