Oishii Tabemono at Tokyo Tokyo

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Japanese cuisine is one of my youngest son’s strongly preferred meals when we go dining out. He loves the “oishii tabemono” (delicious food) that Tokyo Tokyo offers.

Yahmir ordered for 2 Beef Ninja Wraps,Tempura Maki and a Fruit jelly. 
Beef Ninja Wrap
Tempura Maki
Fruit Jelly
While my husband and I ordered for 2 regular Yakisoba.
We can’t help laughing when Yahmir told us “ Domo arigato gozaimasu,Onaka ga ippai desu” 
(Thank you very much, I am Full )

16 thoughts on “Oishii Tabemono at Tokyo Tokyo”

  1. @alohagems, yes it is 🙂 During my college days I can speak Nihonggo fluently, I can even write hiragana and katakana, now, I can only remember a few lol

  2. I wish I can eat as much as I could when I was younger, when I don't get fat! :)) I like California Maki! The Kani Salad a stall sells in Banchetto near our office on Thursdays is really yummy too.

  3. wow! looks yummy! honestly, my family hasn't tried eating in Japanese restos yet, the shrimp alone deters us, hubby is allergic to seafood. but i guess there's still sushi and sashimi and noodles. ehehehe. just minus the seafood. hopping here.

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