Mango Bravo

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The cake you have seen in my last post about my husband’s birthday dinner is Mango Bravo. It is a frozen cake created by Conti’s Restaurant and Pastry Shop. The cake is made of layers of wafer, cream and fresh mangoes coated with whipped cream icing topped with fresh mangoes and drizzled with chocolate syrup.

This is one of the cakes I bought that did not last a day . I only bought the Mini size for Php 595.  Maybe next time I need to buy the regular size worth Php1,150 in order for us to enjoy eating it until the next day, .
This is the glass freezer where frozen cakes for sale are displayed. The bottom layer are the regular sized Mango Bravo cakes, next layer from the bottom are the Mini sizes.

It will took two hours before the cake melts, so if ever you intend to try buying it, have it written on the last of your buying list.

The restaurant also serves and caters dine in and sells different cakes and pastries for take home.

The take-out counter where you will probably tempted to buy other pastry products aside from the cakes.

The nearest Conti’s branch to our place is at Trinoma, P1 Level, Trinoma, EDSA corner North Avenue, Quezon City. 

8 thoughts on “Mango Bravo”

  1. Our family loves mango bravo! However, it tends to melt fast. I bought one in Manila and by the time I arrived at Iloilo (via plane), I got a leaning tower of Mango Bravo 😀

  2. After more than a year of curiosity over this mango bravo from Manila bloggers, natry ko rin sa conti's serendra 3 months ago.

    Matindi cgro init that time coz it was not as good as I thought it would be pero sarap na rin in fairness. 😀

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