Brazo de Mercedes

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When it comes to Brazo de Mercedes, I usually buy it from Goldilocks or Red Ribbon bakeshops.  When we last ate at Max’s Restaurant, I saw that their Corner Bakery is also selling Brazo de Mercedes, well why not give it a try, so I bought the roll for taste test.
Sad to say, it did not surpass Red Ribbon’s nor Goldilocks’ creation of Brazo de Mercedes.  I was expecting of custard’s richer taste, I already finished my slice but I still can’t perceive the flavor I am looking for.  I find it bland and flat.
Anyway, we have different taste buds, maybe for some it was good. I still will buy it again after sometime; maybe by then it has improved its quality.

8 thoughts on “Brazo de Mercedes”

  1. I like the brazo fo Red ribbon and Goldolocks too.Never tasted Max's brazoyet. i usually make my own barazo if I am in the mood .masarap din naman.

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