Fruit Salad

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Yahmir, my youngest son asked me to teach him how to make a fruit salad for our dessert last night. It was his first time to make a fruit salad thus, it looked like a soup salad, ahaha. He kept on tasting it as he almost finished the supposedly family dessert LOL. Anyway, I took a picture and proudly share my son’s work.
Canned Fruit Cocktail
All purpose cream
Condensed milk
Drain the syrup of the canned fruit cocktail.
In a mixing bowl mix the drained fruits, all purpose cream and condensed milk. 
Chill, then serve

9 thoughts on “Fruit Salad”

  1. Wow. It reminds me of christmas and new year since my mom is making salad every those season, yes only those season. 😛 haha ! Anyway, I will learn how to make one, i hope. Thanks for sharing your knowledge maam 😀

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