JM’s Merienda Treat at Wendy’s

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One weekend, JM my eldest son invited us to eat our snacks at Wendy’s Hamburger.  My husband and I, especially Yahmir said yes at once for it is his Kuya’s treat
It has been a while since we last ate at Wendy’s. I am missing their fresh salad bar, before you can create and dress your own fresh salad in their bar located in one corner or sometimes at the center of their restaurant. I wonder if some of their stores are still offering the salad bar?
My sons ordered chicken and beef burgers plus a lot of French fries with mustard for dipping.
My husband ordered a one fourth pounder, whoa! 
I settled for a big Caesar salad and contented with their French fries for I am not yet still hungry.
An enjoyable family moment , after eating we strolled for a while, buy some magazines and books before we get back home.

6 thoughts on “JM’s Merienda Treat at Wendy’s”

  1. I miss the salad bar too! 😛 When I was in high school, I thought the whole thing was like a buffet, that you can come back for over and over again — and I wonder why nobody did that, so I tried, and the manager got mad at us for getting second servings! 😛 Good thing they did not make us pay for it.. 😛 😀

  2. ahaha, same here, the first time i availed the salad bar, i did get a second serving but the manager did not say anything, he was just looking at me, so i get what that stare meant after my friend told me so LOL

  3. Yes, their fresh salad bar was a hit, and it takes great skills to put lots of it on your plate to make the price worth it! Would you like to exchange links with my food blog, by the way?

  4. I love the salad bar too! Very filling and healthy pa. 🙂 (I think I can feel a salad craving coming…) I'm also a fan of their burgers, kaya lang I noticed they're a bit smaller na ngayon in comparison sa dating size nya. 🙁

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