Bohol's Peanut Delicacies

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A family friend of ours brought us “pasalubongs” from their family vacation in Bohol.  First time that we have tasted a peanut finger and peanut kisses, it was good!

My kids, my husband and I feasted on it while watching a dvd movie last weekend. We finished all the 5 boxes of the peanut finger cookies, lol. Now, my husband is considering Bohol as one of  our destinations for our family escapade come summer vacation, not only to commune with nature and view the fascinating Chocolate hills but also to experience and try more of their famous food specialties and delicacies.

6 thoughts on “Bohol's Peanut Delicacies”

  1. I am planning to go back in Bohol before the year end, I am just wondering where can I buy this delicacy. Is there any site that feature the native delicacies of Bohol.
    Any help will be appreciated.
    Thanks a lot!

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