Fun Family Activities for the Fall

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Fall can be a fun and visually stunning time to be outdoors. The foliage is astounding to the eyes, sporting all kinds of different reds and golds. The weather varies from temperate to crisp and refreshing. Take advantage of this beautiful time of year by doing family oriented activities that you and your children will love. This will not only allow you to enjoy the riches of the fall season, but also give you a reason to spend more time with each other.

The following are some activity ideas for autumn:

Simply Taking a Drive

Just taking a drive with the family to view the fall colors is a fine activity in itself. You may wish to take a drive in a beautiful outdoor area such as a state park (such as the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York) or just meander around small local parks and roads near where you reside. You can park the car, get out, and take a walk with the kids in certain areas that you find especially intriguing and colorful. This will allow you to enjoy the fresh air and spend more time really taking in the colors of the leaves. You can even play a creative game in which family members bring leaves home and make leaf collages with each individual choosing their favorite colors.

Apple Picking

Apple picking is a really classic fall activity. Take the kids to a local apple orchard and show them how to pick apples straight off the trees. Your kids will really enjoy this activity. If they are too young to reach the trees, you can pick apples for them or buy apples in the shops that orchards often have associated with them. You can also eat apple pie, drink cider, or sample other treats sold in these shops. Often apple orchards also offer activities for children such as wagon rides.

Corn and Leaf Mazes

Sometimes local farms create corn mazes and allow families to come and wander through them, trying to find their way out. These farms may even offer haunted mazes with a Halloween feel which can be a scary and fun. The latter are better suited to older children who will not get frightened as easily as toddler aged kids. They can also be fun for adults.

If you have difficulty finding a corn maze in your area, you can give your children a treat that is along the same lines. Create a maze using piled up leaves that you have raked. Small children will not be able to see over the edges of the leaves if you pile them high enough. They can thus have an actual maze experience, trying to find their way out of the leafy citadel you have created.

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patches are great places to visit during the fall season. There is much more you can do with pumpkins than just turning them into Jack-O-Lanterns. For instance, you can use them to make pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, or pumpkin bread. The kids can help out with this activity if they are old enough. You can also put the pumpkin seeds on a baking sheet, season them, and bake them in the oven at 250 degrees for the time period of about an hour for a yummy treat.

Build a Scarecrow
Building a scarecrow in the fall is as much fun as building a snowman in the winter and takes a bit more ingenuity. You can create a frame of branches and sticks, place a pumpkin on the scarecrow as a head, stuff leaves you have raked into old shirts and pants for the upper and lower body, use a carrot for a nose, use bottle caps for eyes, and a piece of string for the mouth. If you are using a pumpkin for the head you can simply carve the pumpkin in the likeness of a face.
These activities are lots of fun for the whole family. There are also many more. Share ideas of your own here!

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