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Lanzones is now in season!  I love eating this fruit, I can finish nearly a kilo in one sitting, lol. Lanzones from Laguna, Camiguin and Batangas are the sweetest produce.  Because of its abundance it is now sold for Php 50 per kilo in most fruit stands in the market.
During my childhood days I learned two myths about this fruit.  One is biblical told by our Sunday school teacher – that once upon a time when Mary and his baby son Jesus was on a journey, baby Jesus kept on crying because he was hungry.  Mary saw these fruits and tasted it, but it was so bitter and sour, thus she pinched the fruit and miraculously the fruit turned sweet and edible. The reason why we can see a nail-pinched like on its peel.  The other story was from a book of myths.  According to the myth the Lanzones fruit was poisonous.  On a far away village, there has been plenty of Lanzones tree full of fruits but the villagers cannot eat it because it’s poisonous.  An old woman came begging for food and shelter, the villagers kindly gave her food and free lodging. She was told about the fruit, she gladly announced to the people that the fruit was edible, she said said that peeling the fruit by pinching it lets out a small amount of the white sticky sap from the fruit, and that served as an antidote to the poison of the fruit.
Aside from the myths, there is also a fact that Lanzones peel can be used as a mosquito repellant.  Just let the peels sun dried for 3 days.  The dried peels can be put into a bonfire in a small can.  The smell it emits drives and kills mosquitos.  It’s worth buying isn’t it?  Enjoying the meat of the fruit and at the same time the peel will be used as a mosquito repellant

7 thoughts on “Lanzones”

  1. Lanzones is abundant in Cuenca batangas, a place near to us, and I love this fruit. kaya lang, me something like "dagta" after eating so I seldom eat it. I mostly eat yung detached na para hinog na siya talaga. I didn't know that the peelings can be used as repellant pala. thanks for the info!

  2. Ykaie loves lanzones! Thank you for liking my posts mommy Joy! You are inspiring me more!

    Thanks for the tip din, i didn't know that it could be a mosquito repellant..

  3. I forgot about the insect repellant thing na, but I know I heard it before, maitry nga, kesa lagi kmi nagkakatol 😀

    sis pacomment nmn dito sa post ko, anjan url..TY!!

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