Dimsum Date at Causeway Seafood Restaurant

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After a long day of client appointment meetings, my husband and I settled for a dimsum break at Causeway Seafood Restaurant in their Banawe Ave. Branch.  To savor the captivating dimsum menu.and at the same time to sit back and relax.

The wanton Noodles, an old time favorite among Chinese Restaurants, I like the soup flavor, firm noodles with the chinese pechay vegetable in it 

Wanton Noodles

This is their menu booklet, which I did not even bother to browse for I am already familiar with its contents being a “suki” of their restaurant, lol.

Menu book

The bean curd, steamed made of soya flavored with meat and seafood

bean curd

The chicken feet, which is also  famous among chinese dimsum restaurants, my sons love this, so we ordered two more to bring home. 

chicken feet

Well, only to eat in moderation, high blood will be a less problem, this goto is really appetizing.


My husband ate only a little during our working lunch meeting, so he ordered a Machang rice, steamed sticky rice with pieces of meat wrapped in banana leaves.

Machang rice
Machang rice

Pictures of my husband while we eat, as usual I am the photographer and I totally forgot to ask him to take pictures of me when I started to eat, hehe.

Siopao Asado, which also we took home of another two orders.

siopao asado

What a great way to end a hectic day!

17 thoughts on “Dimsum Date at Causeway Seafood Restaurant”

  1. @Hazelicious we had a lot of good food and restaurants to dine in dito sa Pinas 🙂

    @Cherry, their bean curd taste good 🙂 even my children likes it too

  2. @Peachkins, my youngest son can finish 3 orders of chicken in one sitting, aside from the other dimsums ha hehe

    @Melanie My husband do not mind my appetite, for he is also busy with his Machang lol

  3. @joseph emmanuel, yup ok naman yun Machang rice, flavored sya tapos malagkit 🙂

    mabigat lang sa tyan kaya mas preferred ko siopao hehe, pero si hubby ko trip na trip nya yan 🙂

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