MeatS and Match at Fresh Options

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Fresh Options Meat Shop was established in 2005 and owned by Red Dragon Farm which is mainly involved in commercial livestock production with its principal office at Barangay Lara, San Fernando Pampanga, Philippines.  Currently, Fresh Options Meat Shop has 77 branches all over Northern Luzon, Central Luzon and Metro Manila.
To cater their consumers who are on- the-go, who wants fast and friendly service and affordable quality food, this.September 2011 Fresh Options mark the launch of MeatS and Match cooked line.  It offers an array of cooked meat products and selection of sauces to cater the customer’s different gustatory perception and preferences.
You can choose among their sauce selection:
Asian Sauces – Red-Rickshaw, Korean and Teriyaki
Western Sauces – Savory, Worcestershire and Mushroom Gravy
Fruity Sauces – lemon Butter, Orange Bourbon and Apple Cinnamon
Pinoy Sauces – Sweet Sili, Lechon Sauce and Classic Soy Vinegar
selection of sauces to suit your palates
Sauces that will perfectly match their cooked meat products like Crispy Pork, Crunchy Chicken, Honey Roast Pork, Pinsec Frito, Herb Chicken and Siomai.
Crispy Pork
Crunchy Chicken
Honey Roast Porl
Pinsec Frito
Herb Chicken
Ready to serve cooked products, time to give myself a cooking holiday .

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