Burger Patties

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This one of Yahmir’s favorite packed lunch baon in school.  I made it thicker than usual to maintain its juicy flavor.  It is very easy to prepare and can be stored in the refrigerator for the next few days.  Best to serve for breakfast too, either with fried rice or burger buns.
Ground pork or ground beef
Iodized salt
Pepper, ground
Onion, diced
Buttered toast, powdered (optional)
Egg, beaten
Palm Oil
Mix the ground pork or ground beef, iodized salt, ground pepper, onion and beaten egg until well blended.  Buttered toast is optional, for it will only act as an extender to make more patties.
Make balls of patties according to your desired size and thickness.
Heat the pan with Palm oil
Fry the patties in slow fire to make sure it is well-cooked inside and out. Wait until it is golden brown.

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