Common Terms in Food Preparation

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It is not enough that we know how to cook, we should also learn and familiarize ourselves with as many working techniques or terms in food preparation that we find in the recipe books in order for us to come up with the correct result in cooking or baking a new recipe for our family.
Here are the most common terms in food preparation.
Chopping – to cut big pieces of food into small pieces with a heavy sharp knife and a chopping board.
Grinding – put the food on a grinder to cut them into small bits.
Beating – mixing ingredients with a very rapid circular motions using a fork or a mechanical or electrical beater.
Mixing – stirring several ingredients in a bowl or mixing ware using a spoon or a mixing spoon.
Grating – on a grater, you rub food over its sharp surface to cut it into small pieces.
Shredding – cut or tear apart food into strips or curls with the use of a shredder.
Blending – use a blender to combine several ingredients and flavors.

Knowing the basics will lead us to cooking more delectable and enjoyable food for our family.

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