Cupcake Decorating

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My sons are art lovers by nature.  They are very creative in doing artworks. Their love for visual arts led them to include the special interest as one of their past time activities and hobby.
JM and Yahmir were very happy when we attended an event on cupcake decorating sponsored by Sonja’s Cupcakes.  They really enjoyed making their cupcakes fully decorated before they ate it ahaha.
Here are some pictures showing their finished products.

JM and Yahmir’s Decorated Cupcakes
picture taking while they are busy with their artwork
Yahmir, proud to show his finished product
designs to choose from
other kids participating the cupcake decorating event

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  1. Those are lovely cupcakes designed by your kids! Thanks for visiting Delight My Appetite. I returned the favor, sis! I followed you via GFC and Networked Blogs, I liked your FB page, I subscribed, and I dropped EC here. We can also exchange links if you like.

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