Cheesy Hotdog and Fries Sandwich Overload

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Weekends and non-school days makes mothers like me much more busier.  Kids are always looking and asking for something to eat, every now and then, lol.  It’s a good thing I keep on learning new recipes and this is one of the new sandwich variation I learned from Chef Kai Verdadero-o, upon attending one of the SM Hypermarket Master Chefs Cooking Marathon. An easy and quick merienda treat for our loved ones. 


hotdog buns
hotdogs, fried or steamed
Magnolia cheezee spread in squeeze bottle
potatoes, cross cut fries, fried to a crisp
store-bought cheese powder
honey cured bacon, chopped and fried


Sandwich hotdogs in buns then drizzle with Cheezee spread.
Toss fries with cheese powder until well-coated then top over sandwich.
Sprinkle chopped bacon over fries.


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  1. did the same, old follower on GFC & NB, add G+ 1 and subscribed (confirmed yan ah 😀 ). btw when was that Hypermart event na yan, last month ung na attend-an ko eh sa Cubao, pero Jonel said there was one last week on Hypermart Nova. dun ba yan.

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