A Way to Ensure Better Absorption of Nutrients

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Recently, I’ve learned that as we grow older our digestive system becomes more inefficient.  Starting at age 40, the body digestive system begins to function slower than normal, so as we get much older according to studies, there is a radical decrease in nutrient absorption. 
We often think that eating the proper nutrition will get us healthy, but as we age certain bodily functions are affected, we may not be aware that although we eat the right kind of food we are still experiencing poor health because our body is just throwing away most of the nutrients that we are ingesting. Declining functions of nutrient ingestion and absorption, metabolism and elimination.  Thus causing diseases and illnesses associated with body’s inefficiency. Sarcopenia, athropic gastritis, osteoporosis are just some examples of illnesses acquired due to improper nutrition of older people.
Fructooligossacharides or FOS, a prebiotic, soluble fiber was discovered to aid in nutrient absorption. It stimulates the growth of bifidobacteria, a beneficial group of bacteria that is essential in maintaining balance in the digestive tract, paving the way for more nutrients to be absorbed by the body. The increase of beneficial bacteria also improves detoxification and elimination processes and enhances the immune system. And since FOS is not digested in the upper gastrointestinal tract, it becomes lower in caloric value, while adding to the fiber bulk of one’s diet. It is regarded as one of the important functional food components that have beneficial effects to the aging body.
Where can we get FOS? Studies have shown that FOS naturally occurs in some foods like onions, wheat, bananas and tomatoes. But how much of these do we need to eat in order to get the proper amount that our body needs?

 Abbott Nutrition Philippines Introduces a Way to Ensure Better Absorption of Nutrients through drinking Ensure with FOS everyday.  A solution to help bridge the nutrition gap among aging individuals helping to boost the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, thus making improved health. Most doctors recommend it, for it provides a complete and balanced nutrition for aging adults who want to stay healthy and live fully. It is an excellent source of 28 vitamins and minerals, including antioxidants Vitamin C and E, selenium and beta-carotene to help strengthen the immune system and promote recovery from illness and infection.
Ensure helps reduce risk of coronary heart disease because of its heart-friendly fat blend.  It is also low in sodium and low in cholesterol.
In the recent Press launching of Ensure with FOS, celebrity couple Christopher de Leon and Sandy Andolong set a living example of how Ensure with FOS complements and completes their daily health regimen.  They talk about how Ensure with FOS sustains them all throughout their busy schedules daily.  They have been drinking Ensure with FOS for many years now whether at work or at home.

My husband and I were already at the prime of our lives.  Now I am confident that Ensure will give us a good source of nutrition and will help boost our energy to maintain an active lifestyle.  I also will not worry much of my workaholic husband who sometimes skips meals because of busy schedules.  One glass per day will keep us on the go!


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