Sweetie-pie here’s your Buko Pie!

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Whenever my husband goes out of town to attend to his client meetings or farm visits, he will surely bring home something, food most of the time.  Last week, he went to a breeder farm at Los Banos, Laguna to accompany a client in selecting new swine breeds.
On the way home he stopped over to an outlet of Collete’s Buko pie to buy his “pasalubongs” (a present from a trip)  for us. The Collete store is well-known for their delectable Buko Pie (a famous Filipino delicacy) in Laguna. 
I love the taste of their Buko pie especially when it is still hot.  In order for it not to get spoiled, I just put it inside the refrigerator and pre-heat it in the the microwave before eating it again. It is one of my favorite pies.  It has been a year now since we last had a taste of it, the reason why after my husband parked in the garage, he shouted at the top of his voice saying “Sweetie-pie, here’s your Buko pie” lol

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