Quick Snack Baon Ideas for Pre-school Kids

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Pre-school kids who are in Nursery, Kinder and Preparatory usually stays in school for 3-4 hours a day. Thus, they only need to bring along a sandwich or a snack for their recess/break time.  We just have to make sure that they will eat a heavy meal before going to school.

Here are some Easy-to-prepare snack Ideas and suggestions for Pre-schoolers. 
  • Peanut Butter Sandwich
  • Jam Sandwich (Strawbery Jam, Blueberry Jam, Orange Jam, etc.)
  • Egg Sandwich (boiled then mix or blend it with mayonnaise and a little salt to taste, or an egg omelette)
  • Chicken Sandwich (boil chicken breast, then when tender, cut it into strips, mix or blend it with mayonnaise, and salt to taste)
  • Hotdog Sandwich
  • Ham Sandwich
  • Meatloaf Sandwich
  • Hamburger Sandwich

Cookies and Biscuits

Pancakes, cup cakes, brownies, or other pastries

Water or Fruit Juice

In my opinion, it is not advisable to rely on just giving them monetary baon, for they are not yet capable of buying the healthy food for them, they might just buy junk foods and candies instead. During the Pre-school age of my kids, I allow them to buy in the canteen, but they have to finish first their home-made snack. I only let them bring what they can finish to avoid left-overs.

One thought on “Quick Snack Baon Ideas for Pre-school Kids”

  1. this post reminded me of my younger days where my mom or yaya will make us egg or chicken sandwich for baon. but aside from that, my ssiter and i usually have rice with skinless longanisa (the sweet kind) i can even remember my teacher asking for some of my baon ^_^

    and yes, when our parents started giving us monetary baon, we buy candies and softdrinks/sodas most of the time…not healthy…

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