Vote Red! My M&M's Candydate

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M&M;’s® Charactersmay come in a spectrum of colors, but Red is my favorite because it is  a power color by nature, was born to lead and as he is a pro at bossing people around. He is so smart that he’ll be forcing for your vote.

M&M;’s® Vote & Win campaign is part of a global campaign to celebrate the people’s choice candydate among the Filipinos.  As said by Stephanie, Kok, Mars Philippines, Inc.’s Brands Specialist – Chocolate: “We’ve all got our favourite M&M;’s® colours, but which of the five really speak to Filipinos collectively? Only M&M;’s® Vote & Win campaign will tell. We’re excited to have Filipinos be part of this fun campaign and uncover the exciting content we have online. So cast your votes now. Our M&M;’s® Candydates await you!”

Registration is free and no proof of purchase is needed. Cast your vote on my Red Candydate at and stand a chance to win the grand prize — your choice of any M&M;’s® merchandise worth US$1,000 available on the M&M;’s® World website — and up to 450 bi-weekly prizes including a set of five M&M;’s® keyrings and an M&M;’s® dispenser.

Here is a video of how cute and dapper my Red candydate is


Also, here are some facts about Mr. Red:

Age : 30-something, but we’re checking  on it.

Turn-ons : I like everything in red, the red carpets, and especially those Moulin Rouge dancers!

About me : Red is a power colour. And I’ve been bossing people around my whole life. So I’m ready for election.

Why vote for me : Together we will paint the town…red

So hurry now, by just casting your vote, you will have the chance to win too! 

5 thoughts on “Vote Red! My M&M's Candydate”

  1. I voted Green, hehe! 🙂 I wonder why a lot of bloggers are campaigning for their favorites, will it affect how the prizes will be drawn? 

  2. waaa I am campaigning for Red lol.

    Bloggers help in their campaign and as far as I know it will not actually affect how the prizes will be drawn, we just have to vote whoever candydate is your choice and that's it, The candydate with the most number of votes naturally will win 🙂

  3. LOL no worries I actually voted for all of them. 🙂 There were M&Ms; mascots in Trinoma yesterday fir the campaign. Ang cute nila! Hehe.

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