Quick Packed Lunch Ideas for School Kids

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School Year 2011-2012 has just begun, most of us – mothers like me are once again busy preparing baon/packed-lunched for kids. 
My youngest son, Yahmir is already in grade 6 this school year, he has his academic classes the whole day, so I make sure he always have his packed-lunched with him daily.
I enumerated below some quick packed-lunched ideas that you may consider in preparing for your kids too!
Week 1
Day 1  Rice, Fried Marinated Chicken, Banana, Water
Marinate Chicken Leg Quarters or thighs in a mixture of Calamansi juice   and Patis (Fish sauce) overnight.
Day 2  Rice, Beef steak (Pinoy Bistek), Apple, Water
            Please refer to my recipe posted lately for procedure.
Day 3 Rice, Pork Adobo, Cupcake, Water
Day 4  Rice, Chicken Curry, Banana, Water
Day 5 Rice, Fried Marinated Pork Chops (in soy sauce and calamansi juice), Chocolate bar,   Water
Week 2
Day 1  Rice, Fried Breaded Beef Liver, Banana, Water
Day 2 Rice, Tocino, Sansrival, Water
Day 3 Rice, Pork Menudo, Apple, water
Day 4 Rice, Chicken Adobo, Chocolate bar, Water
Day 5 Rice, Beef Mechado, Banana, Water
If you will notice I am not cooking veggies for packed-lunch, why? It is because veggies easily spoil.  As much as possible if you will cook viands with tomatoes or tomato sauce like Menudo or Mechado, make sure it is well cooked and not hot anymore when you pack it.  Same with dishes with coconut milk.
I use two lunch containers to separate the rice from the viand, then place it in a lunch bag to avoid messing up the things in the school bag. During recess or short break, he just buy a sandwich from their school canteen.  I also make sure he eats breakfast before he goes to school.
Just in case you happen to wake up late, quick baon tips are hotdogs, longganisa, meatloaf, eggs, ham and corned beef.

14 thoughts on “Quick Packed Lunch Ideas for School Kids”

  1. How nice na at grade 6 he's still willing to bring his own baon and not buy from the canteen. 🙂 My youngest sister who is also at 6th grade don't like packed lunch at all. 

  2. J Allyssa, the reason why he wants to bring his own baon is because he's tamad to fall in line in the canteen during lunch break ahaha.  he said that the line is too long and sometimes he doesn't like the taste of the food lol

  3. sa umpisa lang exciting lol, dapat talaga meron ng nakahandang menu for one week or else nakakawindang mag-isip ng baon for the next day 🙂

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