Pork Cuts

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Ideal for bacon, barbecue and roasting.  It can be stuffed or rolled.
Pork chops and steaks. You can also buy small joints of this cut. Suitable for frying, grilling and roasting.
Collar or Neck End
It’s slightly fatty and doesn’t dry out easily making it suitable for longer periods of cooking. It is also cured for bacon. Collar can be cut into chops, steaks, diced pork and mince.
This is the cheapest cut.  Suitable for slow moist cooking, broths and soup.
Best for making of stocks and soups.  The face or mascara as the pork sellers call it is best for making Tokwa’t baboy.  The brain is also cooked as soup.
It is used in soups, stews and braised dishes where it adds richness and flavor.
The leg is considered to be the premium pork joint. Roasting joints from the leg are very lean which makes it a more expensive cut of pork. Steaks and diced meat from the leg are also often sold and are suitable for grilling or stir-frying like Crispy Pata. This part is also cured into ham, gammon roasting joints, gammon steak and the highest quality bacon.
The loin runs across most of the back of the pig.  This is where many bone-in chops come from as well as joints which can be bone in or boned which is sometimes stuffed and rolled. It is also cured into bacon and bacon rashers which ranges from lean to streaky.
This is the area where spare ribs come from. These have some meat, but not enough to be classed as chops, however they are excellent roasted or barbecued. When sold as a joint it can be treated like a rack of lamb and is suitable for roasting. Ribs are best for Sinigang and Nilaga too.
It is suitable for  roasting. It has a rich flavor and is often sold cut into cubes for casseroles and kebabs, minced or made into sausages.

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