Pork Sinigang sa Bayabas

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Pork tail
Ripe Bayabas (ripe guavas)
Patola (sponge gourd), sliced
Onion cut into 4 parts
Cut pork tail according to your preferred cut-size. Wash it thoroughly.
Slice the ripe guavas thinly, set aside the guava seeds.
Crush the guava seeds in a bowl with hot water, use a strainer to extract the juice from it.
Put enough water in a casserole, boil the pork tail together with the thin slices of ripe guava, the juice extracted from the guava seeds and onion.
Once boiling, slow down the heat and simmer it until the pork is tender.
Season it with salt.
When the pork is already tender, put on the patola slices, wait for another 10 minutes for the patola to get cooked.

Serve it with rice and fruits. Happy eating!

14 thoughts on “Pork Sinigang sa Bayabas”

  1. I only like my Sinigang with Sampaloc or Kamias, not with Bayabas or sometimes, I think other people also use Santol and lately,I see people using Strawberry, I like my fruits as fruit, I know,I'm weird! lol!

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