Eurobake Original Inipit

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My husband brought home a Eurobake Original Inipit he bought from their main store at Malolos, Bulacan.
We love eating this Inipit bread. So, whenever my husband passes by a Eurobake store he will really make a stopover to buy a box of it. 
Inipit is a smooth bread with creamy custard or leche flan filling. Perfect for merienda matched with a very cold juice or soda. 
It has been a while that we have not eaten this bread, and I am a little bit dismayed that it does not taste as delicious as before.  Eurobake is famous for their Inipit, ensaymadas and other delicacies.  I just hope that they improve and maintain their quality.  This box is worth Php 240.

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