Selecta Ice Cream

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The Summer heat is on!  My kids are once again hooked into cold foods.  Cold juices, ice candies and ice cream are refreshing to eat. It cools our bodies from the hot weather. 

Selecta Ice Cream
Being a chocolate lover, Yahmir and JM had chosen the Hershey’s Collection, Milk Chocolate with Almonds for this week’s ice cream flavor.  They love it and I think the 1.5 liter will not last for a week, ahaha
Selecta Ice Cream

For me and my husband I chose the Selecta’s Vanilla Almond Flavor.  Vanilla is my favorite flavor in ice cream.  The taste was so good!  The combination of vanilla with almonds is perfect.  Well, who says I am on a diet? (lol)

6 thoughts on “Selecta Ice Cream”

  1. Hi! Mommy Joy, oh I want ice cream too! 🙂 EC Dropping by. 🙂 By the way I have an ongoing giveaway again! Would love your support as always. 🙂

  2. Oh wow, now I want one for my own. LOL! But I would definitely love to try the one with Reese's. I think I'm gonna be off to the groceries to buy one now! Hahaha!

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