Tilapia in Coconut Milk

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The family agreed to abstain from meat for two days in observance of the Holy Week.  Starting Maundy Thursday, April 21, 2011, I prepared fish and vegetables for our meals.

Tilapia in Coconut Milk

4 medium size fresh Tilapia Fish
Fresh Coconut milk
Ginger- sliced or pressed
10 pcs. Whole Pepper Corn
1 medium sized onion, sliced
Bring to boil the coconut milk, add the sliced onion, ginger and the pepper corns, I prefer freshly pressed coconut meat.  If fresh coconut milk is not available, I use canned coconut milk.
Once the coconut milk is boiling, slow down the fire and allow it to simmer, stirring frequently to avoid the coconut milk to curdle. Add salt to taste.
Once the the coconut milk is cooked (brownish), put the tilapia fish, together with the pechay leaves.  Continue simmering until the fish and vegetables are cooked.

5 thoughts on “Tilapia in Coconut Milk”

  1. wow! magka relative pala ng post natin, parehong gata. I cooked this before, kaso napadami yung gata ko,nalunod yung Tilapia, LOL!
    Btw, I added your badge na sa foodroll ko. Thanks!

  2. oh my tilapia..hehehe, fave ko yan kahit prito lng 😀
    thanks for grabbing my badge, gawa din me ng separate page for foodie friends, d palang maasikaso, pero for sure nakareserve na space for this site…

  3. This dish looks very good. I do something similar but I bread the tilapia with graham crackers and ginger.

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