Dampa Sa Libis Restaurant

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My family, my sisters with their families, Mom, Dad and Tita Alice (my mom’s balikbayan sister) with her husband Tito Romy had a family pig out at Dampa Sa Libis Restaurant Tiangge and Seafood Market.


Our balikbayans are craving for escargot (a native dish of cooked land snails), and Dampa being a seafood restaurant caters seafood dishes.  We agreed to meet there at 11 am, Sunday, April 17 2011. We were lucky to get there early for we were the first ones to choose the seafoods we want at the seafood market (just beside the restaurant).  They first weigh all the seafoods and meat we chose, then asked how we like it cooked.  They charge you according to the price per kilogram of the fresh seafoods, meat, fruit and vegetables, plus additional charge for cooking the menu of your choice.  They have a big menu board and at the side to help and guide you for your menu selection. Drinks and rice were charged separately.

 You can choose from a variety of different fishes, shrimps, clams, crabs, squid, and many more.
For desserts you can also take your pick. If you want fruits – watermelons, pineapples and ripe mangoes are available. There are cakes, leche flan and other desserts which I do not know how or what are they called hehe.
We decide for the Suahe shrimps be cooked as Sinigang, the Sugpo shrimps in butter, Squids as Calamares, Barbecue pork, one is marinated and the other one barbecued with salt and pepper.  The Lapu-lapu fish in sweet and sour sauce, the escargot in coconut milk, and baked  Tahong (mussels).  We had watermelon and chocolate cake for dessert.
They have different sections of dining area, the open area, function rooms for private meetings and the air conditioned area, we chose the air conditioned area for it was really very hot that day. 
It took 45 minutes before the food was served, maybe because of the menu volume (the food they will be cooking is good for 21 people) so while we were waiting for the food, we roam around and take lots of pictures, lol.  They have Tiangge too, I was able to buy two house dresses for only Php 80 pesos each, the little boys (yahmir and my nephews) bought their beyblades, the ladies (my nieces) were hooked up to the Hello Kitty Booth.  They cater Wifi access too, so you will not be bored while waiting for your food.

We spent only Php 6,000 for 21 people, good price for a good food. Next time we plan to visit their seaside branch in Macapagal Ave. in Pasay.
Dampa sa Libis Restaurant
Address;  107 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. Libis Q.C.
Tel No.:  637 3301 / 395 5050

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  1. Iba ka talaga sis,na blog mo agad..next time try natin yun sea side naman lahat tayo nag enjoy lalo na sila Tita alice,Tito romy.

  2. We always frequent the place since this is very near from our place of work…and yes reasonable price…I so love their buttered shrimp in garlic…

    BTW, just have my new food blog too…kaya lang in process pa ang pag aayos…subdomain sya ng aking brown pinay….http://www.brownpinay.com/foodtrip/ hope you can visit….I will add your blog once I am done setting up the blog roll. But I had already added this blog in my Brown Pinay blog roll

  3. visited and commented, ilalagay kita sa blogroll ko sis, ipalit mo na lang Notepad Corner ko sa Brown Pinay mo sis, tapos itong food blog kong delectable ideas para sa brown pinay food blog 🙂 kung ok lang sa yo hehe

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