Summer Fruits

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We enjoy eating a lot of different fruits during summer days here in the Philippines.  Prices of these locally harvested fruits are cheaper, so as much as possible I do not buy imported fruits during this  season. 
This is the famous Philippine Mango, you can eat it raw, the green mango or the ripe yellow ones.  My kids like the ripe yellow mangoes, I sometimes make a mango refrigerator cake but most of the time, we prefer to eat it fresh.

The water melon comes in two colors, yellow and red.  My kids prefer the red ones, very juicy and sweet.

Cantaloupes are also in season, I just slice it ready to eat or I make it as  juice for a change.

Yahmir is very fond of pineapples, we usually buy it canned if not in season. 

I seldom see Melon tagalog nowadays, so whenever I see one, I make sure I buy it.  I make it into a juice, using sugar, water, milk and lots of ice. 

Honey dew melon is my favorite among the melon family, it is so sweet that it seems like there’s sugar in it.

Siniguelas is also now available in the fruit market, I remember when I was a kid I love munching siniguelas, especially after attending a mass in Antipolo J

Santol is JM’s favorite, we have two Santol trees in the backyard, and it’s also fruiting. 

These are freshly picked Indian Mangoes from our backyard. 

The Macopa tree in front of our house is fruiting too, when I was still pregnant with Yahmir, I love to eat these fruits, but now I do not like it anymore, lol

We can get a lot of essential vitamins that our body needs by just simply eating fruits.  Enjoy the fruits of summer while it last.

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