Daddy’s Cooking!

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During weekends especially on Sundays the family dines out for a change. But there are times that we don’t feel like going out. Getting too tired of the whole week’s busy schedule or just in a lazy mode (lol).  Sunday, March 27, 2011, was one of those days.  We just stayed home, watched dvd movies and relaxed the whole day. 
Our sons requested for “inihaw na baboy” (Charcoal Grilled Pork) for our viand.  It is one of their favorite menu.
My husband loves to cook, he is a master when it comes to charcoal grilling J. We take turns in cooking for the family.

Charcoal Grilled Pork Belly (Inihaw na Baboy)
Fresh Pork Belly
Palm Oil or butter
Cut the fresh pork belly according to your desired thickness. We usually cut it about less than an inch thick so it will be juicy and not dry when cooked.
Wash the pre-cut pork belly thoroughly.
Rub evenly with salt and pepper.
Prepare the charcoal in the grill. 
Start grilling.
Baste it with palm oil or butter  to prevent it coming dry.
It will now be up to you if you want to cook it rare, medium rare, or well done
We grill pork, fish, or beef without marinating it to bring out its real delicious taste.

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