Home Wine and Liquor Bar Display Ideas

We know how much you love your wine and liquor collection. In order to share your excellent taste and style with your friends you should come up with clever bar display ideas. That way your guests can enjoy your excellent taste for beverages and you will get a stylish home improvement that will complement your sophisticated character. Wine and liquor are examples of good taste, so don’t keep them somewhere hidden. Better find a proper way to display them in order to catch attention and to receive appreciation. With some helpful ideas you can attain a wine and liquor bar display that will create an aura of excellent character, a feeling of relaxation and luxury. All of these sensations will overwhelm you when you and your guests sit down for a lovely drink or just to admire the collection.


Wine table/rack

image by: Jeff Wilcox – https://flic.kr/p/4S1tjZ


The best way to show others what you have available in your bar, is by displaying the bottles. That applies not only for home bars but for commercial one too. Therefore we can assume that this is something of general importance. With a good wine and liquor bar display it will be a lot easier to keep an eye on your beverage collection. You will be able to see which bottles need restocking and show off with rare items that aren’t very popular and easy to find. In the following paragraphs we would like to offer you some wine and liquor bar display ideas that will help you to choose the most attractive and stylish bar for your home – a bar that shows good taste and doesn’t require a lot of cleaning.

Installing a cabinet bar display is an excellent idea that will add more style to your home environment. Cabinet displays are encompassed by cabinets with glass doors. They are absolutely perfect for displaying your wine and liquor reserves. By standard, cabinet displays are approximately meter and a half high but they could be even taller. They have several shelves inside them and at least one drawer at the bottom. You can use the drawers for storage of  bar accessories such as, wine bottle openers, glasses for liquor and wine, cooling buckets and towels, and everything else that can find its perfect place there. The best place for the most important bottles and glassware is the inside of the cabinets. By placing your bottles there, everybody can see what you have in stock.

Maybe you have seen overhead displays of glassware and bottles in pubs or other venues. They will look just as amazing in your home as well. The use of overhead displays is a clever idea that can add more feeling to your home atmosphere. These bar displays sit just above the heads of your friends or family and spare you extra cleaning of accessories. In general they are meant for glassware storage, though they can also emphasize your bottle collection. You can buy several different display racks in order to use each to highlight different wine vintages or different liquor such as scotch, whiskey, bourbon, rum, etc.

If want something cheaper and more creative you can make your own custom bar display. With some painting and decoration you can achieve unthinkable results. Be careful if you are planning to paint your bar inside the house because paint cleaning could be a difficult irritating activity. A good idea is to look for playful inspiration for your home wine and liquor bar display. A chessboard design is something that will amaze your guests. Alternating black and white paint squares on your bar can make an excellent chessboard – your bar will become a real chessboard and your bottles will turn into figures on the board.




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The Top Places to Buy Fresh Seafood Online

seafood - pixabay

image credits: pixabay.com


With the overwhelming amount of online seafood stores, it might be seemingly difficult trying to find one that is health conscious and able to provide a quality product. Finding fresh seafood online doesn’t need to be so daunting though. By making sure that the company has a great reputation, finding an online store that carries fresh seafood can be easier and even healthier than purchasing it from your local supermarket.


There are certain factors that should be noticed and thought about before you go ahead and make a seafood purchase online. By knowing what to look for, you will find a great source for some fresh seafood online. Buying seafood online is typically a fresher option than buying it at the market.


  • Make sure the company only purchases seafood from suppliers that are reputable.
  • The seafood will be purchased through a company that values freshness and healthy options.
  • The online store shouldn’t be buying fish from suppliers who destroy the fish’s natural habitat or that overfish when they are out.
  • A seafood product purchased online should be even fresher than that purchased at a grocery store since they are buying directly from the suppliers.
  • The prices will be admirable to that of the seafood, meaning that they won’t be too cheap or too overpriced.
  • The company you are purchasing from will have years of experience and knowledge of the seafood industry.
  • The online store will have great reviews and ratings from reoccurring customers.


Anderson Seafoods happens to be one of the best online stores to purchase fresh seafood from. Their fresh seafood online is known for being 3-8 days fresher than that of any supermarket. With a large quantity of different seafood options, one will certainly find what they desire.


  • Albacore
  • Caviar
  • Crab
  • Fruits de Mer
  • Galley Combo
  • Halibut
  • Lobster
  • Mahi-Mahi
  • Ono
  • Opah
  • Salmon
  • Scallops
  • Sea Bass
  • Shrimp
  • Swordfish
  • Trout
  • Tuna


The above are just some of the fresh seafood products that can be found at Anderson Seafoods’ online store. All of these options are available fresh or frozen and can be delivered within the United States or Canada any day between Monday and Thursday. The quality and freshness of the product will astound you.


Fresh seafood online is at many times safer than purchasing from a local store. Depending on where you live, being near a sea source for healthy and superior seafood might not be an option. Not to mention, you may never know who supplies the seafood to the supermarket. Anderson Seafoods only works with reputable suppliers who don’t overfish or destroy the natural habitat as they are out fishing. This is an important matter that many fishermen should pay more caution to. By destroying the habitats of the seafood, we are giving them less places to thrive and our seafood sources could become depleted.

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Tortang Dulong

Tortang dulong is a simple dish that’s included in my weekly menu. It is a favorite comfort food among many Filipinos. Dulong is a very small fish, much smaller than dilis and is sold at Php100 per kilo in local wet markets. It is best eaten with your favorite dippings – with catsup or vinegar and crushed garlic.




dulong when cooked



2 Eggs, beaten



Onion, diced

Palm oil



Wash dulong in a strainer through running water; let the water get fully drained before mixing it to the bowl of beaten eggs.

Add the diced onions, salt and pepper to taste. Mix it thoroughly.

Mold round cakes out of the mixture.

Heat the pan with palm oil, and then fry the dulong round cakes until crispy golden fried.

Serve while hot with rice.


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Tasteful Encounters in the City of Vienna

Traveling to Europe is a dream come true for many. There are various sights, sounds, culture and of course cuisines to try out. Most of us only read about these places in books and they always seem to appear so romantic especially Vienna, Austria. That is why, visiting and exploring this beautiful city for the first time requires a well thought of itinerary. Booking a hotel in Vienna that is well-suited for your desired activities there for instance can give you the best experience of the city.


For the cuisine enthusiasts like us, sampling out the best Viennese foods is a must. It is a fact that Vienna is famous for its delightful brew and mouthwatering pastries so this is the first order of the day.


sachertorte - marriot



The Sachertorte, is Vienna’s famous chocolate cake and while we find it hard to pronounce, we never had any issues calling out its delectable taste. Hotel Sacher in Vienna serves the Original Sachertorte which is actually two layers of thick chocolate cake with a thin coating of apricot jam and topped with rich chocolate icing. Pair this up with their traditional “Wiener Melange” and it’s simply heavenly.


#Tafelspitz #horseradish #wienerwald #lunch #latergram



For lunch or dinner, you may try out Tafelspitz which is a dish of boiled beef in broth. The word tafelspitz refers to how the meat was cut-up. Then it is boiled in broth with spices and root vegetables. This is usually served with horseradish and minced apples.


XXXL wiener schnitzel

XXXL wiener schnitzel


Another notable favorite in Viennese cuisine is the Wiener Schnitzel. Any Schnitzel in Austria has to be made from veal, if its pork it is called a Wiener Schnitzel vom Schwien. Wiener Schnitzel is made from veal escalope, hammered to become thin, breaded and then fried. You’ll often get a plateful of this served with a slice of lemon and the traditional Erdäpfelsalat, a side dish akin to mashed potatoes.


You will never run out of traditional Viennese foods to try during your stay in Vienna. You will discover that they are heavily influenced by the surrounding countries over the years, such as Hungary, France and Italy. The best way to enjoy traditional Viennese cuisine is to explore the city’s abundant coffee shops, taverns and al fresco restaurants.


Sacher tent

Sacher Hotel, outside sitting


Image credits: Big thanks to my dear friend g_mirage2 on Flickr for the photos.

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Mooncake, the special food of Mid-Autumn Festival

The Chinese event which is always celebrated in the middle of the autumn season is called the Mid-Autumn Festival or famously known as the Mooncake Festival. It is considered as the second grandest affair after the Spring Festival in China. It falls on the 15th day of the 8th month based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Because it is the time of the year where the moon is at its brightest and roundest form, mooncake is serve as an offering and special food to eat outdoors during the celebration.




mooncake 3




Mooncake nowadays comes in various flavors packed with red or black bean paste, or lotus seed paste, and often there is a round egg yolk in the center to represent the moon. It is presented as a gift to relatives and friends, before, during and even after the celebration itself to wish them a happy and long life. The round mooncake symbolizes harmony and unity among families and friends and traditionally eaten under the round moon. There are also customs of performing dragon and lion dances, burn incense and playing lanterns in most Chinatowns worldwide that enlivens the celebration while at the same time preserving the Chinese customs and heritage.


This year 2014, the Mid-Autumn Festival took place on September 8 and merrily observed in many Asian countries including the Chinatown in Binondo Manila, Philippines, Hongkong, China, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam.




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Grilled Yellow Fin Tuna

I love to see big fishes in the market, sometimes I am tempted to buy the real big ones, but on second thought, it will be just a waste of money because there are only four of us who are going to eat it  :).

Salt water fishes are more delectable to eat than fishes grown in freshwater . Weekends, especially Saturday is our market schedule.  I happen to see a perfect sized yellow fin tuna which I bought for our lunch.




1 medium sized yellow fin tuna around 1.5 kilogram

3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

salt and ground black pepper to taste

2 pcs. calamansi, juiced

Soysauce and calamansi sauce for dipping



Season the fresh yellow fin tuna with olive oil, salt and pepper and calamansi juice.

Wrap it in a foil.

Preheat the grill for medium heat. Place the foiled tuna on top of the grill, turn it once in awhile until the fish is cooked.

You may grill the tuna directly on the grill if you want it well done or just simply open the foil while it is still on top of the grill and turn the tuna inside the foil once in a while to preserve its juiciness.

Transfer to a serving platter, then make a calamansi and soysauce dip.

Serve immediately with rice.


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