Eating organic: Healthy Living or Huge Scam?

The age-old debate that weighs artificial food against its organic counterpart rises into public view every so often, with health enthusiasts facing off against food that has been modified in some way for the general public. The idea of meat and produce being altered may seem objectionable, but there’s a compelling argument that says the food lasts longer and tastes just as good, at least in the view of the champions of processed food. But, although chemically adapted foodstuffs do indeed last longer, are less likely to go bad or be damaged by pests, they do have disadvantages. Some of those drawbacks are immediately obvious, which is why certain restaurants like Austin’s Happy Mukti are making the move to organic goods.



A Perspective on the Reputation of Organic Food

Scam is a strong word, but, where money is concerned, the accusation has to be taken seriously. Big businesses control non-organic selections in the storefront, and naturally cultivated food is considered a niche product by the big name markets. It’s often shoved to the end of aisles, but this eco-friendly foodstuff isn’t a scam. If anything, it’s marketing that’s responsible for souring the reputation of organic products, pigeon-holing organic foodstuff as being only for health-conscious rich folk. As for expense, any knowledgeable patron of natural eating will explain just where to go to find organic fruit and vegetables at an affordable price. This involves a trip to a farmers market or a rural store along a familiar roadway.The Taste Test Winner is Organic

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Food and Kitchen Tips: Food Poisoning Facts

Food poisoning is a very common illness during the summer season. It can be mild or in some cases may be severe and even fatal. We need to be very careful in what we eat especially on eating our leftovers.  Because of the extreme heat, food easily spoils.  Proper food handling and cooking should always be observed.


food poisoning

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Frequent causes of food poisoning cases are:

  • Drinking of contaminated water
  • Consumption of stale or spoiled food
  • Salmonella bacteria which can be found in undercooked meats, poultry, eggs, dairy, or infected water.
  • Fish and shellfish– during the red tide season


The World Health Organization had developed “Ten Golden Rules for Safe Food Preparation.” These are as follows:

1. Choose foods processed for safety.

2. Cook food thoroughly.

3. Eat cooked foods immediately.

4. Store cooked foods carefully.

5. Reheat cooked food thoroughly.

6. Avoid contact between raw food and cooked food.

7. Wash hands repeatedly.

8. Keep all kitchen surfaces meticulously clean.

9. Protect food from insects, rodents and other animals.

10. Use safe water.


Reference:  The World Health Organization,


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Encourage your child to dabble in cooking in your own home through the Young Chefs Boot Camp

As the school year has ended, most parents are looking forward for worthwhile summer activities that will keep their children not only busy but will enrich their young minds. Aside from keeping them fit by enrolling in outdoor sports encourage them also to engage in the kitchen by learning how to cook and prepare simple yet delectable dishes for the family. The Center for Culinary Arts, Manila (CCA, Manila) offers summer workshops for budding cooks through their Young Chefs Boot Camp program.

Young Chefs Boot Camp


The Young Chefs Boot Camp age-specific cooking programs are classified under the following categories:

  • Junior Culinary & Baking Essentials for  tweens and teens who are serious in taking up a culinary degree for college (12-16 years old), as this class provides an extensive glimpse of  the culinary and baking world;
  • Cooking my Way through Asia (7-16 years old) wherein learners get to master various flavors of Region,  from the trendy Korean Pop to the sacred Thai Cuisine;
  • My Ultimate Comfort Foods (7-16 years old) for easy-to-prepare meals and snacks;
  • Baking 101 (7-16 years old) for beginners who love to know more about their favorite oven-made goodies;
  • and for the youngest set,  the Little Chef program (6-9 years old).
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Quick Services with the Help of Commercial Restaurant Supplies

When it comes to catering, restaurant and hotel businesses then industry grade kitchen tools are needed. These make it easier to process large amounts of food quickly and easily. Meals can be prepared in less time and with less effort. They comply with hygiene standards set by the FDA. Equipment, including electrical appliances, necessitates compliance with all safety and hygiene requirements. Owners interested in a restaurant complying with all safety regulations cannot do without these restaurant supplies. It is important to use best quality products because such products last long and prove inexpensive. Owners should buy these products only from a reliable and well-established seller.

restaurant supplies

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There is a wide range of commercial kitchen tools available in the market. Products in the range of cooking, refrigeration, food preparation, food warming, glassware, furniture, ice machines, kitchen utensils, kitchen supplies, racks, carts, dollies, small wares, accessories, slicers, ice machines, storage, shelving, work tables, and table top are available. There are heavy-duty electrical appliances like mixers, grinders, induction cook tops, microwave ovens, convection ovens, rotisserie ovens, refrigerators, deep freezer, food warmer, fryers, steamers, steam cookers, deep fryers, hot plates, grills, broilers, toasters, ice machines, among many others. Kitchen supplies also include bar and baking supplies. Products for janitorial services are needed at all commercial hotels and restaurants.

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Inangit, a delectable dessert


Inangit is an enjoyable dessert or snack similar to biko or rice cake. It is made with glutinous rice or malagkit, sugar and coconut milk. It can be served with or without toppings. Depending on your preference you can top it with sliced ripe mango, sweet beans or latik (caramel topping).


This sweet dish is often served during merry events like birthdays, fiestas, Christmas, New Year and more.



My late grandmother was the one who taught me how to cook this sweet dish which is one of my comfort foods. It is very easy to make an Inangit, you need to be patient in mixing lol.




1 kilo of malagkit (glutinous rice)

Coconut milk, compressed/extracted milk from 3 big coconuts

½ kilo, washed sugar or more according to your preferred sweetness

1 Pandan leaf




Cook the malagkit or glutinous rice just like the way you cook ordinary rice. Put the pandan leaf while it is boiling and let it stay until the malagkit rice is cooked.  Set aside.


In a big wok, boil the coconut milk then simmer in low fire stirring occasionally to prevent lumps. Wait until the coconut milk turn a little brownish in color, meaning it is already cooked then add the washed sugar. Continue stirring until the sugar and the coconut milk is well blended.


Add the cooked malagkit, take off the pandan leaf then mix well until well blended and almost dry and  that’s it!


Serve Inangit while hot and enjoy!


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Culinary Herbs and Spices – Basic guide


Food taste and smell better when properly seasoned.  The appropriate use of culinary herbs and spices will enhance the natural flavor of food. Various spices and herbs can complement a particular dish. However, it is essential to be selective in making combinations in order not to obscure but to bring out the natural zest and aroma of the dish you are cooking.

culinary herbs and spices

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Here are some basic guide and important points to ponder when using culinary herbs and spices.

Avoid using too many combinations at a time.

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