The Native Philippine Bibingka



Bibingka customarily is a food sold outside the churches in the Philippines during the Christmas season. It is habitually eaten along with a puto bumbong right after a Simbang gabi  or midnight mass.

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Chocolate Macarons Indulgence, Go French


Many people look for pleasure in chocolate, but not many people know how to truly distinguish between a highly decadent piece of chocolate and the commercial chocolate that floods store shelves in the modern world. Some of the best chocolate is not available on your grocery store shelves – you actually have to order it from the Internet from companies that do not advertise a great deal because they do not want to be lumped in the same category as the commercial chocolate sellers.

chocolate macarons

Image courtesy of g_mirage2


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Fulfilled Big Appetite at DADS World Buffets


My two sons consider DADS as one of the best buffet restaurants in the Metro that pleases their palate and fulfill their big appetite savoring the multiple cuisines of Asia, North and South America and Europe.

 dads world buffets


Relishing the flavor goodness of the meats such as U.S. Roast Beef, U.S. Roast Turkey, New Zealand Roast Leg of Lamb and the all time favorite Dads Ham with a variety of side dishes to choose from in the carving station will already make you full. So watch out, take only a small bite to start off.

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Sweet tooth satisfied with Scrumptious Brownie Brittle Snack


Brownie aficionados will surely love the Chocolate Chip Brownie Brittle. A brownie flavored cookie full of chocolaty goodness into a wafer-thin snack.

 brownie brittle


My husband and I find it a perfect snack over a cup of coffee. It is also a scrumptious bite to eat for children who are fond of eating cookies. It is a great crunchy snack to serve your guests and can be an added finger food for children parties too.  My two sons enjoyed its crispy texture full of brownie taste. They love munching on it while watching movies. This bag of brittle wafers comes with a resealable packaging which can keep its freshness up to the last bite. 

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Finding the Perfect Point of Sale System for Your Restaurant


Point of Sale systems have become an absolute necessity in today’s marketplace for all retail businesses and this includes the restaurant trade. A POS system helps a business thrive by streamlining every aspect of the operation through one, reliable system that controls and processes inventory, orders and more. Until quite recently, restaurateur’s had to make do with antiquated ‘pen and paper’ systems in order to keep their businesses in check. This often meant mistakes were common in the restaurant trade. But with a pos system that all employees know how to use there will be no more wrong orders, no more forgotten bookings and no more superfluous stock orders.


point of sale system


There are hundreds of pos systems (both all-in-one systems and separate components) that can be used effectively in the restaurant trade, but it’s recommended that all restaurateur’s use pos terminals, accessories and software that has been specifically engineered for them and them alone. More generic pos systems that have been designed primarily with retail in mind might not have what you need or might be loaded with features that are simply superfluous to your requirements.

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Essential Herbs for Every Kitchen


While most Filipino kitchen are not particular to the use of herbs for cooking, culinary shows on TV are encouraging enough to make any plain house cook strive for more flavor and zing on their cooking. Herbs give that unique flavor and finishing touches to any kitchen masterpiece. Since you will not be using those long selections of herbs and spices you’d find on the grocery, there are some of the basic herbs for your kitchen must haves –




This herb goes out very well with Italian recipes such as pizza and pasta but it can also be used with salads, appetizers, main courses and sauces such as pesto. Basil is also easy to care for so you can keep a small pot with a basil plant on your kitchen window.

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