Feel Guilty Later- Here Are The Most Delicious Treats You Should Eat This Evening!


It’s fun to treat yourself to scrumptious foods, especially after a hard day. We’re not saying you should do it regularly, but treating yourself is sometimes good to put a smile back on your face. It’s also great if you have people over, or want to treat your family at the end of the day. Here are some delicious treats and desserts you should have after dinner tonight!


If you want something which will really put a smile on your face, you could make some pancakes tonight. The delicious fluffy dessert is quick to make, and you only need eggs, flour, and milk to make the filling. You can then add different toppings such as Nutella, maple syrup or sugar and lemon, or research about other ideas for pancakes. Try and add some fruit to make them a little more healthy, or you could even make some savoury pancakes with cheese and bacon.



Another great treat for tonight is waffles as they are delicious and easy to make. Some people even use a waffle maker to save cleaning up later. If you add toppings such as maple syrup or treacle, they can really taste delicious. The treat even has its own day because they are so yummy. You can buy them ready made too, and just add ingredients later.

Waffles with Strawberries

image source: wikimedia commons

Ice Cream Sundae

If you fancy a delicious treat tonight, you could always make your own ice cream sundae. All you need is a yummy ice cream brand such as Ben and Jerry’s, or some plain vanilla ice cream would be great too. Then you can add some delicious toppings such as fruit, sauces, and chocolate. It is a great treat to make with friends or family members when they come over. You could even have a competition of who can make the best one. If you want some inspiration, you could visit sites such as this Martha Stewart.


image source:http://www.freestockphotos.biz/stockphoto/17146


You could make some donuts this evening as a special treat. They are quite easy to make and are delicious when hot. However, if you like, you can buy them ready made from a favourite chain, and then just make them extra special with some ice cream and some sauce. They are perfect with some sugar, and will be ideal for all the family.

Doughnuts :)

Image credit: Amy – https://flic.kr/p/9qYcfu


One of the most popular desserts around, brownies will really fulfill your chocolate desires. You could make your own by following recipes like these from barkingmad.com. You could add ingredients such as raspberries, oreos or peanut butter to make them tasty. Or you could even buy ready made brownies and enjoy them with cream or hot custard. Brownies are also delicious when eaten with a nice pot of tea, so enjoy one while relaxing in the evening.

Brownie Recipe Taste-Off [343/366]

Image credit: Tim Sackton – https://flic.kr/p/dzKH8M

These delicious treats should only be consumed occasionally as they are packed full of calories. If you need some more ideas, you could find some recipe books with great treats for you to try and make tonight.


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Ways to Prepare Meals for Your Loved Ones


There are several ways to prepare a meal for your loved ones. The most common one is to cook them yourself. This includes all homemade cooking that is done by you or anyone in the household. Usually, the meals cooked at home range from simple to difficult. Examples of these meals include fried meals, oven baked meals, stew, or soup.

Family meal 2

Image credit: https://flic.kr/p/ayZDGG

Though there are times when you are not in the mood to cook and just want to end the day doing nothing. You can choose to have this day your holiday and eat on a restaurant with the whole family. This is a great way you and your family can try something new to the taste buds. Go buffet if your kids have a great appetite. Fine dining is also an option to experience the luxury and joy of eating on a candle lit table.

Depending on the occasion, meals served for a family gathering requires time and preparation. If in case you run out of time cooking and preparing the other meals on your menu list, swiggy offers food ordering from some of the best restaurants, thus it will save you some time to prepare yourself for the party.

However, it is very important that your family to have a healthy meal. So here are some tips to prepare meals for your loved ones.


Cooking up a whole week’s worth of meals is no joke, so make a list of the meals scheduled for the whole week. Making a weekly meal list will create a variety of food to be served on the family table.


Clean and sort out the food in your fridge so you will know what to buy in the grocery or supermarket that will last for a week. Buy fresh fish and enough amount of meat and chicken.

Preparation is the key to success to healthy eating. Do not forget to include vegetables in your meal. Cut the pork meat/beef and chicken into desired sizes and apportion them according to your scheduled meal before freezing.


Steaming preserves nutrients better than any other cooking method, best for fish and shellfish.

Avoid overcooking veggies in your soup.


As much as possible stay away from junk foods, serve fruits in season.

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Vacuum Food Sealer to Lengthen Food Shelf Life

With a vacuum pack machines, the benefits are obvious, both in financial and quality terms.

Vacuum packing food produce is important when it comes to the process required to produce, prepare, package, store and deliver food. Using a vacuum food sealer, you can reduce the air surrounding a food product and thus significantly reduce the growth of aerobic bacteria. Not only that, but you can keep the entire product together including its juices and reduce the bulk size of the product to a bare minimum.


Vacuum food sealers are a very popular choice with food manufacturers who want to extend the shelf life of products which can include raw meat, fish, cheese and cooked foods. Using a vacuum food sealer not only lengthens the product’s shelf life enabling it to be stored for longer or delivered to further destinations in a fresh condition, but it also keeps food in a safe and hygienically clean condition. The reduction of bulk is another reason why food manufacturers consider the vacuum food sealer to besomething they can’t manage without.

Vacuum food sealers evacuate the air around the product which, in turn, increases the shelf life. As well as removing the air, the vacuum food sealer seals the vacuum bag or barrier pouch which keeps the product intact.  The package itself provides protection to the product by keeping out the surrounding atmosphere of oxygen, bacteria, fungi and moisture. The product is placed in the bag, the bag is then placed in the vacuum food sealer and air is extracted before the bag is then sealed with the product safely inside.

With the variety of products that can be vacuum-packed, the vacuum food sealer themselves come in all shapes and sizes, all of which can be supplied by First Food Machinery. Table-top vacuum food sealers are ideal for small products or small quantities whilst larger machines offer to suit a more industrial operation, with easy to clean features.

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How Can I Improve The Safety Of My Food & Drink?

Whether you’re constantly chugging water or munching sandwiches, food and drink safety is important. It’s the stuff that keeps us fuelled every day, but it can also be the stuff that makes us ill.


In fact, studies have shown that there are more than 500,000 cases of food poisoning a year, caused by pathogens. The drink isn’t much better, and plain old tap water can cause illness if not treated properly. So what can you do to protect you and your family?


Luckily, it’s 2016, and the modern age affords us a wealth of tips and tricks. Public health has never been higher, and that’s down to technological advancements as well as safe eating practices. You have to be careful with all forms of food and drink, after all. It can be harmful stuff if not prepared or processed correctly.


How can my food and drink be potentially unsafe?


It’s not a question a lot of people will ask themselves, but it should be. A lot of food you buy off the shelf is ready to eat, and that’s fine, but most of the time we have to prepare it. And that’s where the problems start to creep in.


Dilute pop, for example, can be a nice treat. However, it can be more harmful than you think. It’s packed full of sugar, and people who drink one to two servings a day risk developing diabetes more than those who avoid it. To combat this, adding hefty doses of water can break up that sugar and reduce calorie count.


Garcinia indica yellow and red syrups and drinks.jpg
By Subray Hegde – Wikipedia:Contact us/Photo submission, CC BY 1.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4244577


On the food side of things, those pork steaks you bought may look delicious, but you better cook them properly. Food poisoning can rear its head one or two days after consumption, so you won’t even know if the meat is safe straightaway. The bad thing is, though the meat may look cooked, it may not be. This puts you at risk, and puts other people at risk, as food poisoning can easily spread.


So, here are a few ways you can easily increase food and drink safety. Whether it’s by buying extra equipment or cutting foods out, there’s always more you can be doing!


Appliances and kitchen equipment


Safety often means extra costs, but they can be worth it. In order to protect you and your family, no amount of cash is too high! That being said, many home solutions are cheap, and can provide long lasting safety guarantees.


If you and your family consume a lot of meats, a meat probe thermometer will be a worthwhile investment. This tells you the internal temperature of the piece of meat, and saves you guessing if it’s safe or not! As the name implies, you can use it just as you would a standard thermometer.



Image source: https://flic.kr/p/bFir8P


For the heavy water drinkers out there, a Berkey water filter will be of use. You can never tell how clean tap water is, and a filter will help purify it quickly. Speaking of tap water, there are a number of clever tricks to lower its potential bacteria count. Boiling water can kill some bacteria to a certain extent, but isn’t a surefire victory for you. Those that drink a lot of tea and coffee are in luck, as the frequent hot water consumption can contribute to good overall health.


General kitchen health and safety rules


  1. Chuck old appliances away!

Old microwaves and ovens may not cook your food properly. This is also true if they’re heavily damaged and in need of repair. You may be saving money by keeping it, but is it worth the risk? Consider an upgrade if necessary. Having up-to-date appliances can also help you make food last longer.

  1. Thoroughly clean all surfaces that have touched raw meat

Raw meat comes with a risk of disease through ingesting pathogens, and that extends to your surfaces. Thoroughly clean and wipe down any surface that has touched raw meat, multiple times. Don’t just rinse it with water. Use heavy doses of soap and washing up liquid.

Similarly, clean your hands in hot soapy water for at least twenty seconds. Over half the cases of foodborne illness could be eliminated by hand washing, so make sure you do so.

  1. Don’t store alcoholic drinks in direct sunlight

Just as you wouldn’t want a warm glass of water, drinking a cold beer or spirit can taste horrible. It’s not just the taste that can be affected, though. The actual drink itself can be damaged if left in the sun for too long.

Whiskey and other spirits can lose their color and receive damage if left in the warmth too long. Alcohol fails to replenish your water stores as it is, so don’t make yourself even more dehydrated with the stuff.

  1. Reduce the number of errors you accidentally make

Look; it can be hard cooking for a family of four after a hard day at work. Your heart may not be in it, and you may start to make mistakes. That being said, it’s vital you concentrate on the cooking and preparation process. It can save you and your family from a potential illness.


Similarly, if you yourself are ill, don’t risk it. You may feel fine, but those pathogens could still creep into that food somehow. Enlist the help of your partner or children, or order a takeout meal. That may cost you slightly more, but you won’t make anybody ill in the process. Time is money, and time spent being ill means no work can be done.


So, there you have it! That’s a quick little guide to improving food and drink safety. Most of it comes down to common sense and general best practices, but sometimes we neglect them. People don’t give enough credit to food safety, but it’s arguably the most important area of any kitchen. Not only can it protect you, it can protect other people, and therein lies the incentive to be safe.



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Fantastic Ways to Make Food Last Longer

image via pexels.com

Food wastage is a serious problem in many places. The reason a lot of us throw out so much is that we don’t eat what we buy in time. We buy things intending to eat or drink them, but they go bad before we have the chance. If you always have to throw out shriveled salad and gone-off milk, you don’t have to keep doing it. There are several ways you can make your food last longer, so you have more time to finish it. Try using the techniques below to keep your food going for longer.

Make Use of Your Freezer

Most people have a freezer, but are you using yours to its full potential? Perhaps you put things that you buy frozen in there. You might use it to make ice or to cool drinks quickly. But how often do you use it to preserve food? You can make many things last longer by putting them in the freezer, and it’s going to make anything a lot less nutritious. The important thing to do is to know how long you can freeze things for. Freezing food safely is essential, so check the best ways to store everything. You can store many items for months before you can no longer eat them. Just don’t forget about them!

image via pexels.com

Seal Your Food

Stopping air and moisture from getting to your food will help to preserve it. It can’t develop mould if there’s nothing for it to feed off. There are several ways you can cover or seal your food. Simply wrapping it in film or putting it in Tupperware will help it keep it for a few days. If you want to go further, you might consider buying a food sealer. You can use it to put your food in a vacuum bag, and it will last much longer.

Store Everything Properly

Knowing how to store different foods is essential. Everything needs to be in different conditions to survive longer. Some items need to be in cold, dark places, while others should go in the fridge. For example, you should put onions in a paper bag and put them somewhere cool and dark. If you put your eggs in the refrigerator, put them at the back and not in the door to keep their temperature more consistent. Put your apples in the coldest part of the fridge to get them lasting longer.

Image credit: Kunal Palkar – http://bit.ly/1TJ69Pa

Select Food to Last Longer

When you shop for groceries, you can start thinking about making your food last. Look for fresh produce that looks healthy and has a later expiration date. There are different things you should look for when you’re choosing food. For example, look for bright green stems on grapes if you want fresher ones. If the stems are brown and not as stiff, they won’t last as long. With some items, such as milk, the expiration date is the most important piece of information.

Making your food last longer reduces food waste and saves you money. Use these tips and tricks and you’ll never throw anything out again.

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3 Best Auto Drip Coffee Makers

If you are American, you, of course, have a desire to know the best auto drip coffee maker. In the start when my passion for an auto drip coffee maker of my own started, I didn’t know which brand and model I should select because there were too many of them. I was just needing top reviews to buy one and so I did my research and I am sharing it with you.  In auto drip coffee maker, there is no need to get worried because coffee maker do the brewing itself and you can do your tasks by yourself. About the price, there is a vast range of variety and so the prices, between 30$ to 300$ you can select one of your best auto drip coffee maker.



Describing Some Best Auto Drip Coffee Maker

As I have stated earlier, Americans use auto drip coffee maker as the essential appliance in their home or office. It means there will be a lot of competition in products and it will make more complex to find a great auto drip coffee maker. Everyone has their own way to choose a product but I have compiled (Not briefly explained) 3 best auto drip coffee makers from the user reviews and ratings. Let us have a look at those models now.


Bonavita 1900TS

An 180$ Bonavita 1900TS is the easiest and the fastest machine among the many popular auto drip coffee makers. The taste of coffee from Bonavita 1900TS is of no compare and along with the great extra features of timers and brewing strength, this coffee maker is on the top of the list. Although the maintenance and cleansing of 1900TS are exactly the same as the others, but the operation of this machine is different. This machine has a single button to use. Press that button once for one cup of coffee and press that button for 5 seconds for making 8 cups of coffee. Bonavita 1900TS takes only 6 minutes to make 8 delicious cups and it is pretty fast. Some more features including the stainless steel, insulated carafe and small design (as of Bonavita 1800TS), this machine is simply a good buy.


Cuisinart DCC-2600

If you want to have a cheap version of Bonavita 1900TS, the Cuisinart DCC-2600 should be your choice and it can make you 14 cup of coffees. This is for sure one of the best auto drip coffee makers and has many considerable features. First of all this machine is programmable and most easy to use for any person. The stainless steel body is one of the best characteristics with this programmable machine that no other coffee maker has. This machine also has a setting for the regular and a bold coffee to make and it include the brewing pause button too. Some more features are including the self-cleaning, adjustable heater plate and easy to use control panel. If you are warranty conscious, the new Cuisinart DCC-2600 comes with the 3 years of warranty.


TechnivormMoccamaster KBT 741

The fastest among the many that has been tested, TechnivormMoccamaster KBT 741 is the fastest and can make 10 cups of awesome coffee within 5 minutes. The one thing about TechnivormMoccamaster KBT 741 is that it is costly, but the taste is ambrosial. The reason behind the expensiveness is that it is the handmade machine in Netherland but it also come with 5 years of warranty. One noticeable thing here is that this machine is an award winning machine from SCAA and SCAE Speciality Coffee Association of Europe and also it the most favorite machine among the coffee experts. Some other great and describable features of TechnivormMoccamaster KBT 741 are,

  • No smell of plastic
  • Thermal carafe
  • Wide opened water tank for easy water filling


Source Websitehttp://www.coffeemakerslist.com/10-best-drip-coffee-makers-in-the-market-today/

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