3 Best Auto Drip Coffee Makers


If you are American, you, of course, have a desire to know the best auto drip coffee maker. In the start when my passion for an auto drip coffee maker of my own started, I didn’t know which brand and model I should select because there were too many of them. I was just needing top reviews to buy one and so I did my research and I am sharing it with you.  In auto drip coffee maker, there is no need to get worried because coffee maker do the brewing itself and you can do your tasks by yourself. About the price, there is a vast range of variety and so the prices, between 30$ to 300$ you can select one of your best auto drip coffee maker.



Describing Some Best Auto Drip Coffee Maker

As I have stated earlier, Americans use auto drip coffee maker as the essential appliance in their home or office. It means there will be a lot of competition in products and it will make more complex to find a great auto drip coffee maker. Everyone has their own way to choose a product but I have compiled (Not briefly explained) 3 best auto drip coffee makers from the user reviews and ratings. Let us have a look at those models now.


Bonavita 1900TS

An 180$ Bonavita 1900TS is the easiest and the fastest machine among the many popular auto drip coffee makers. The taste of coffee from Bonavita 1900TS is of no compare and along with the great extra features of timers and brewing strength, this coffee maker is on the top of the list. Although the maintenance and cleansing of 1900TS are exactly the same as the others, but the operation of this machine is different. This machine has a single button to use. Press that button once for one cup of coffee and press that button for 5 seconds for making 8 cups of coffee. Bonavita 1900TS takes only 6 minutes to make 8 delicious cups and it is pretty fast. Some more features including the stainless steel, insulated carafe and small design (as of Bonavita 1800TS), this machine is simply a good buy.


Cuisinart DCC-2600

If you want to have a cheap version of Bonavita 1900TS, the Cuisinart DCC-2600 should be your choice and it can make you 14 cup of coffees. This is for sure one of the best auto drip coffee makers and has many considerable features. First of all this machine is programmable and most easy to use for any person. The stainless steel body is one of the best characteristics with this programmable machine that no other coffee maker has. This machine also has a setting for the regular and a bold coffee to make and it include the brewing pause button too. Some more features are including the self-cleaning, adjustable heater plate and easy to use control panel. If you are warranty conscious, the new Cuisinart DCC-2600 comes with the 3 years of warranty.


TechnivormMoccamaster KBT 741

The fastest among the many that has been tested, TechnivormMoccamaster KBT 741 is the fastest and can make 10 cups of awesome coffee within 5 minutes. The one thing about TechnivormMoccamaster KBT 741 is that it is costly, but the taste is ambrosial. The reason behind the expensiveness is that it is the handmade machine in Netherland but it also come with 5 years of warranty. One noticeable thing here is that this machine is an award winning machine from SCAA and SCAE Speciality Coffee Association of Europe and also it the most favorite machine among the coffee experts. Some other great and describable features of TechnivormMoccamaster KBT 741 are,

  • No smell of plastic
  • Thermal carafe
  • Wide opened water tank for easy water filling


Source Websitehttp://www.coffeemakerslist.com/10-best-drip-coffee-makers-in-the-market-today/

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Quick Services with the Help of Commercial Restaurant Supplies


When it comes to catering, restaurant and hotel businesses then industrial kitchen supplies are needed. These make it easier to process large amounts of food quickly and easily. Meals can be prepared in less time and with less effort. They comply with hygiene standards set by the FDA. Equipment, including electrical appliances, necessitates compliance with all safety and hygiene requirements. Owners interested in a restaurant complying with all safety regulations cannot do without these restaurant supplies. It is important to use best quality products because such products last long and prove inexpensive. Owners should buy these products only from a reliable and well-established seller.

restaurant supplies

Photo via en.wikipedia.org

There is a wide range of commercial kitchen tools available in the market. Products in the range of cooking, refrigeration, food preparation, food warming, glassware, furniture, ice machines, kitchen utensils, kitchen supplies, racks, carts, dollies, small wares, accessories, slicers, ice machines, storage, shelving, work tables, and table top are available. There are heavy-duty electrical appliances like mixers, grinders, induction cook tops, microwave ovens, convection ovens, rotisserie ovens, refrigerators, deep freezer, food warmer, fryers, steamers, steam cookers, deep fryers, hot plates, grills, broilers, toasters, ice machines, among many others. Kitchen supplies also include bar and baking supplies. Products for janitorial services are needed at all commercial hotels and restaurants.

Display units, furniture, tabletop and kitchen supplies are also needed at all commercial kitchens. All such products, pieces and supplies are easily available if you know where to look, at www.easupply.com, for instance. Without using commercial level kitchen equipment, it is not possible to process foods and prepare meals quickly. When people are hungry they do not want to wait long for their meals. They prefer restaurants and hotels where their favorite dishes are prepared quickly. A quick food preparation is possible only when high quality commercial kitchen tools are used.

Just about a decade back it was very difficult to order restaurant supplies from a single source. That has changed thanks to Internet. Now everything needed to run a commercial kitchen properly and efficiently is available from a single supplier like easupply.com website. The site also sells used commercial kitchen products. Such products that cost less than the market price are a boon to owners who want to start their catering, restaurant or hotel business. A good business with small budget in this sector can be established easily with the help of used products.

Good quality restaurant supplies available from easupply.com make a kitchen look stylish. Whether such equipment are needed for catering, restaurant or hotel purposes, all types of products in a wide range of options from many brands are available. Buyers can choose products suitable to their specific requirements and budget. Many expensive kitchen supplies are also available on lease and credit. It works well with commercial establishments because they can pay back credit easily with the help of money earned from their business. Such products help run a food serving business properly and efficiently. It results in better profits, which come because of high rate of satisfaction among customers. They appreciate good quality meals prepared hygienically and served quickly. It helps save money to the owner because heavy and large amount of work are completed quickly.

Article provided by E&A Supply

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Choosing the Right Knives for Your Kitchen

Unless you are chef or spent a great deal of time creating culinary masterpieces in your kitchen, you likely don’t pay too much attention to the type of knives you have. When you need to slice or cut, your only concern is on the sharpness of the knife. However, using the right knife for the job makes a big difference in terms of safety, efficiency, and results.

Knife Primer

Knives are kitchen tools just like your set of measuring cups. As with everything, using the right tool ensures a better job and saves time. As a silly example that makes the point, if you needed a cup of flour you wouldn’t use a tablespoon to measure out the flour you needed. You would grab your measuring cup. The same goes for using the proper knife for the job.


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Simple Ways to keep Your Kitchen Utensils long lasting

For most families, the kitchen is considered as their haven of joy, they always assure its cleanliness and jam-packed with durable and awesome kitchen utensils, appliances and equipments.

The modern technology has brought a lot of kitchen aids available to make your cooking experience as convenient as possible. Since you’ve invested for these items, naturally there is no way you aren’t going to take care of them.

In order to save for future expensive repairs, keep your kitchen utensils dry when not in use. These things are often times made of metal and moisture is their worst enemy. Do not also forget to clean it as soon as you’re done using it. Place electric devices on a sturdy counter away from the kitchen sink and properly grounded to prevent any mishaps. Always unplug the appliance from the electric outlet when not in use.   Practical and simple as it may sound yet very effective.

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Want to Know The Difference Between Gas Cookers vs Electric Cookers?

It’s by no means a new debate, but when buying a new gas or electric cooker, consumers do need to consider which is better, both in terms of economy and cooking efficiency. Personal choice has a lot of influence, as well as how often you cook and what you are used to cooking with, but there are general pros and cons which should be weighed up on both sides.


image courtesy of rangecookers.co.uk

Choosing a gas cooker or hob

As a fuel, gas tends to cost less per hour and per kilowatt than electricity, meaning that gas ovens offer better value for money than electric. Similarly, gas hobs can be lit instantly and do not waste energy heating up or cooling down, making them more economic in that respect.

In terms of baking, many cooks prefer gas for the precision factor; gas burners are easily adjusted to different heat levels and being able to see the size of the flame certainly helps. Gas tops are a popular choice for restaurants, both for the monitoring of cooking and the fact that the burners can be removed for ease of cleaning.

On the downside, gas installation can be costly if you don’t already have it in place and must be done by a qualified professional. The risk of CO leaks is greater, which is why it’s all the more important to have equipment safety checked. Because of the naked flame, many people also worry about the potential danger to young children. 

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Must Have Kitchenware Items for All Occasions

If you are fond of hosting parties, you know very well that events like these aren’t just about the dishes that you are serving but also on the look of the utensils that you are going to offer to your guests. Some would even keep these kitchenware items locked inside a cabinet on ordinary days and kept in mint conditions.

Collecting fabulous kitchenware is one of the most popular hobbies of stay at home moms who have been spending more time in the kitchen to prepare food for the entire family. Plating food in a great looking plate adds the attraction thus amazing your guests even more. I stumbled upon http://www.restaurantware.com/ and there I found several selections of kitchen utensils like pinewood cones, acrylic cone stands, plates in different shapes and a whole lot more.  Check it yourself and discover their awesomeness because on first glance, I have already conditioned myself to buy at least one item and save up for the others until I would be able to complete it.

Below are the photos of what I am planning to buy 🙂

bamboo canoe

bamboo canoe

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