The latest donuts craze

We’ve been hearing a lot about J.CO Donuts, last week we chance upon to see their newly opened outlet in a mall near us. There store is full of customers and has no vacant table to accommodate us so we just opted to just bring home and savor its enjoyable flavors at home over a cup of coffee.

We bought two dozens, gave the other dozen to my Mom and Dad and the other dozen for us.  Each of J.CO’s flavored donuts is named individually.  Shown in the picture beginning from upper top left are what my two sons chose for a taste test – Black Jack, Oreology, Funilla Glaze, Don Machino, Avocado Dicaprio and Alcapone.

J.CO donuts

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Churros con chocolate snack treat

I’ve been craving for churros lately; yesterday I was able to satisfy my palate with it when my husband asked me for a lunch date :D.


Churros are fritters, crispy brown  on the outside yet soft and juicy inside with a tang of cinnamon.  They look like big French fries but with no hint of tasting like one as it is more like a doughnut on a long shape. 

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Coffee break at Country Style

Every time the family goes on a mall day out during weekends, sipping a cup of coffee in a coffee shop had already became a habit for me and my husband.  We will settle to sit and enjoy coffee after we finished the grocery shopping and let our two sons roam around to buy things they need or just merely stroll and wander for window shopping.

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Krispy Kreme Celebrates Valentine with Heart-Shaped Doughnuts

Have fun and make your Valentine’sDay delightful and merry! Your favorite Krispy Kreme doughnuts are lovingly shaped into hearts this season. Celebrate love and share the sweetness of Valentine with a box of your favorite doughnut and coffee brand.

Enjoy Chocolate Ice Sprinkles,Peanut Butter with Choco Drizzle, Cookies & Cream, Snickers Classic,Powdered Strawberry, Chocolate Ice Custard, Chocolate Ice Kreme Filled, CaramelKreme Crunch, New York Cheese Cake, Kitkat, and Choco Mania Doughnuts, as theycome in cute, romantic heart shapes.
Krispy Kreme’s heart-shaped Valentine doughnuts are only available from February 6 to 14, 2012, so hurry!Grab a box now and revel in the romance with Krispy Kreme this Heart Month!
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Krispy Kreme answers your cravings for delicious Choco Doughnuts

For chocoholics out there, your search for the ultimate chocolate doughnut experience is over, as Krispy Kreme’s Choco Mania Doughnuts are now here and available to answer your craving palates.

Pillowsoft, freshly made chocolate doughnuts dressed in four different chocolaty ways– Chocolate Custard, Chocolate Cookie Crunch, Caramel with Toasted Merengue and White Icing with Choco Curls — these treats are best enjoyed with families and friends.
Dubbed as “the ultimate chocolate indulgence,” Krispy Kreme’s Choco Mania Doughnutshit scream chocolaty goodness with every bite. Grab a box at your nearest Krispy Kreme stores now.
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Banana Walnut Kruffin, the newest treat from Krispy Kreme

My sons would surely be very happy and will not allow to let pass their palates in trying the Krispy Kreme’s latest addition to its line of baked creations — the Banana Walnut Kruffin.

A delightful take on a classic treat, american-style handmade muffins filled with deliciously ripe Cavendish bananas and freshly roasted walnuts. Definitely this would be a top seller!

Looking for a new way to enjoy your favorite banana muffin? Give it a try too, go to your favorite Krispy Kreme store now and start sharing this amazing treat with family and friends.

To get more information about the brand, you may log on to
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