Delectable Stone Crab Claws with Mustard Dip

Stone crab claws are greatly desired delicacy typically served chilled or hot in various ways with different sauces according to one’s preference.  The meat is so sweet that can be eaten as is but I prefer to eat it with a mustard sauce for an enhancing claw dining experience.

Fresh Florida Stone Crab

Photo credits: larryjh1234 –

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6 Stinky Cheeses that Will Make Your Mouth Drool and Your Nose-Hairs Curl



The aroma given off by a wheel of cheese is often the best indicator of quality. Looking for the best tasting cheese? Head right for the cheese with an odour so pungent that it will make your head spin. Here are 6 cheeses that are so delicious that they raise a stink.

Stinking Bishop

stinking cheese


There are a many varieties of cheese that stink. But, to have the word ‘stinking’ included in the name leaves no doubts about the cheese’s odour pedigree. The odour from the cheese is thanks to the Stinking Bishop pear, found locally in Gloucester. Perry made from the Stinking Bishop pear is used to rinse the cheese during the ripening process. With one rinse every four weeks until it’s ripened, the cheese is bound to have a pungent odour. Stinking Bishop cheese is not produced in large quantities and demand for it is always high.

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Churros con chocolate snack treat

I’ve been craving for churros lately; yesterday I was able to satisfy my palate with it when my husband asked me for a lunch date :D.


Churros are fritters, crispy brown  on the outside yet soft and juicy inside with a tang of cinnamon.  They look like big French fries but with no hint of tasting like one as it is more like a doughnut on a long shape. 

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A Delish Brownies Discovery

My husband and I decided to just to sit down and take a coffee break while waiting for our two sons to finish their magazine shopping in the bookstore one weekend.

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Bohol’s Peanut Delicacies

A family friend of ours brought us “pasalubongs” from their family vacation in Bohol.  First time that we have tasted a peanut finger and peanut kisses, it was good!

My kids, my husband and I feasted on it while watching a dvd movie last weekend. We finished all the 5 boxes of the peanut finger cookies, lol. Now, my husband is considering Bohol as one of  our destinations for our family escapade come summer vacation, not only to commune with nature and view the fascinating Chocolate hills but also to experience and try more of their famous food specialties and delicacies.
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Moon Cake for Longevity and Harmony

One of the celebrated festivals among the Chinese Tradition is the Mid-Autumn Festival or commonly known as The Moon cake festival. It is held when the moon is at its fullest and roundest every 15th day of the eight month in the Chinese calendar which usually falls on September or early October in the Gregorian calendar. This year, the Mid-Autumn Festival will fall on September 12, 2011. 
The traditional food of this festival is the moon cake, of which are presented in many different flavors. The accustomed moon cake has red bean paste or lotus paste filing with the option of salted egg yolk stuffed inside. Other filings include green tea, yam, chestnut, dates and different kinds of nuts.
Moon cake
Moon cakes contain a whole salted egg yolk in its center to symbolize the full moon. It consists of a thin and soft skin with a sweet dense filling.  Some are served steamed or fried, but I like the traditional moon cake as shown in my picture. Chinese characters are imprinted on top for longevity or harmony.
The festival is similar to Thanksgiving.  Children are allowed to stay up late on this occasion to enjoy moon gazing. Here in the Philippines, the festival is celebrated joyfully in the streets of Binondo area in Manila, commonly known as the place of the Chinese community. Parades of brightly lit lanterns, lighting lanterns on towers and floating sky lanterns can be seen. Fire Dragon Dances in the streets adds to the entertainment. They also do not forget the burning of incense in reverence to the deities.
Moon cakes are also sold per piece
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