Seven Essential Ingredients Everyone Needs In Their Kitchen

When we deck out our kitchens, we usually fill them with furniture and fixtures like a dinner table and chairs. As a result, we tend to forget about the main ingredients such as the food. As much as they are needed for a family dinner, the food is needed more! Furthermore, there are certain ingredients that you can stockpile in your kitchen that you can use in every dish. No matter what recipe you are cooking up, these essential ingredients will take them up to another level.


Salt & Pepper

The mainstays of any kitchen, salt and pepper have a monopoly on the condiment front. Okay, maybe you like a bit of ketchup or mustard, but not with every meal. Honestly, there is not a meal that I can think of that doesn’t use salt and pepper. Even if it doesn’t go into the dish during the cooking process, you can add it afterwards for extra taste.

salt and pepper

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Olive Oil

Olive oil is flexible, which makes it an incredibly handy ingredient for the kitchen. If you are on a health kick, you can add a bit of lime and vinegar and make a beautiful dressing for a salad. Or, if you want some comfort food, put it in the pan and heat it up until it is spitting. Just add your food of choice and fry it until it is golden brown. Delicious! For the health conscious, you can always replace olive oil with coconut oil as it has fewer calories when fried.



Chicken and beef stock are usually the big favourites, mainly because chicken and beef are the two main pieces of meat that go with a Sunday dinner. It is remarkable how much tastier the meat is when you add a little bit of stock when cooking. Plus, you don’t even need to use it just for meat. I add two beef stock cubes to my pasta sauce to give it a bit more oomph.



Garlic can make the blandest of food tastier. You can probably tell from the smell because garlic stinks. You’ll need a few pieces of gum after you’ve eaten a clove of garlic! Anything that goes in the pan can be given a kick with a bit of garlic. Plus, it is flexible. Add it to salads or marinades for flavour and a bit of crunch.


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Fresh Lemons

Lemons give an amazing freshness to dishes. The vibrancy of the flavour is instantly transfused into the dish. Squeeze it over chicken and seafood or salad for zingy flavours.



I think you can make a meal out of anything with two pieces of bread. Obviously, there is the conventional sandwich, but you can put anything between the bread and it tastes good. Plus, you can always use bread to mop up a meal!



Wine is not food, but the relationship between the two is undeniable. White and red wine goes with a lot of dishes, such as Bolognese sauce or casserole dishes. And, at the end of a hectic cooking session, it is always good to unwind with a glass. You can buy wine online or get it from the store. It doesn’t matter as long as you stock up the cupboards.

Just a few of these ingredients will turn your kitchen into the place where dreams come true. Well, as long as you can cook they will!

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Which Fat to Consume and Which One to avoid?

The common perception goes around the world that consuming fat will make you fat and increase obesity. Obesity as you may know, gives rise to a number of diseases including diabetes. Therefore, people calculate the fats in each and every food item and choose the low fat food item and dwell on it for more than longer periods of time. To further exacerbate the situation, enter the trainers and gym masters who offer weight loss trainings and workshops. They advise all the trainees to avoid fats in their food. Nobody tells them that having a high fat food actually burns fat and does not add to your weight at all. In fact if anything, it keeps you healthy and maintain the body metabolism. Thanks to the fitness queen Emily Skye who tells us why we need high-fat food.

Low Nutritional Value

People immediately fall for low-fat food items. They assume that this is going to keep them healthy. In effect, this is not the case. It has reversal effects. In order to make a food low-fat, it is processed and put through chemical processes. These processes involves addition of slats and sugars, and removal of many nutritional ingredients. Hence, avoid such food items.

Fat is Good

A proper amount of food and ingredients are needed for the appropriate function of your body. Good amount of fat is important in your food because it acts a fuel. Especially for the ones who do daily workout and have long hectic days. The good fat you want to eat is in foods that include polyunsaturated fat and monounsaturated fat. This does not cause the gain of weight at all. So, nothing to worry about.

The polyunsaturated fat mentioned above gives your body the sufficient and much needed omega-3 fats. Now you know where to find these omega-3 fats. Yes, walnuts, chia seeds, peanuts and much more has this polyunsaturated fat.

The monounsaturated fat fulfills the good HDL cholesterol requirement. At the same time it lowers the bad LDL cholesterol. Bad LDL cholesterol is what increases your weight and obesity. Coconut oil is the greatest source to these monounsaturated fats. Bring coconut oil into your home right away. Seek help to online marketplaces, as they have neatly packed low-fat foods and coconut oil. Some of the thriving online marketplaces like Kaymu, Amazon etc. deliver your desirable items.

Some Fats You Should Avoid

Yes, there are certain fats, which are absolutely harmful for the health and carry unhealthy nutrition. Therefore, avoiding them will only help you stay healthy. Saturated and trans fats are one of them. They increase the cholesterol level and hence the chances of heart related diseases. In fact trans fats cause acidic reaction in your body and hence inflammation. Following are the foods that possess this fat: vegetable oils, processed cakes, crackers, chips, biscuits, margarine and French fries.

Implement these simple advises in your life and one can live a safe and healthy life.


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Quick and Easy Ways To Feed Fussy Children

If you’ve got little ones running around the kitchen, you’ll know how tricky it is to fill them up! Kids are always hungry and often very fussy. As a parent, it’s your job to create meals they love, and still find time for yourself. You’re looking for a quick, healthy fix that the children are eager to eat. It’s a fine balance, and one that takes years of practice! After all, who wants to spend the whole evening cooking? Here are some tips and tricks we’ve picked up from savvy parents over the years.

Finger food lunches – It’s hard enough coming up ideas for the evening meal every day without worrying about lunch too! What you need is a quick, nutritious answer with little preparation time. Finger food is a fantastic option here. Think fruit, carrot sticks and crackers. Add some cheese and ham into the mix and they can help themselves. It’s a refreshing summer lunch option and easy for mum and dad!


Frozen vegetables Frozen veg is a lifesaver when it comes to preparation time. It holds all the same nutrients and vitamins as regular veg, without the hassle. Frozen peas and sweetcorn make a quick and healthy addition to any meal. Carrots, spinach and broccoli all work wonders too. Add them to stir fries, soups and curries.


Make huge portions. – If you’re looking for time-savers, try making huge portions and freezing the leftovers. That’s two meals in one! Strangely, reheated meals sometimes taste better as well. Try this with a big chilli or a lasagne. It’s also great for curries and casseroles. Always make meals in bulk and you’ll save time and money.


Soup – Soup is both delicious and practical. It’s packed full of vegetables and nutrients, so the kids get all the goodness they need. The best part is they’re super simple. Again, you could make a big vat of fresh soup and freeze the leftovers. The other option is to stock up on tins; they contain all the healthy goodness of freshly made soup and taste great.


Tins and jars – These pantry-based foods are fantastic for children. It allows you to quickly and easily put something together. Whether it’s pasta sauces, tuna or canned fruits, you can quickly add them to a main meal. It will cut your preparation time in half, and you can have a full meal on the table in fifteen minutes.


Fast food treat – At the weekend, you can even give in to their fast food demands! A quick McDonald’s treat or KFC family bucket will cheer everyone up. Visit and let each of the kids choose their favourite meal. Everyone deserves a treat at the weekend, and it’s a good chance to spend some quality time together!


Making sure the family eats well is a top priority for mums and dads. Make it quick and easy with these fantastic tips. Have you got any tricks of your own to share with our readers?

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Healthy Refreshing Meal Ideas for Summer

The summertime is a great season to enjoy healthy, light, refreshing meals that will give you the energy you need to enjoy the great weather and some fun in the sun with friends and family. Unlike the hearty meals that you enjoy in the autumn and winter, use the summer season to switch things up and enjoy some lighter options. Check out the tips below to get started with some ideas that you’ll love, and feel free to come up with your own recipes too, of course!


A Salad with Fruit

From pineapple and mangoes, to berries and more, you can choose from a variety of deliciously sweet fruits this summer. Add them to your salad to get a great mix of your favourite fruits and vegetables, loaded with nutrients that will make you feel and look great. Whether you choose to have a salad as a meal or as a side, adding some fresh fruits, perhaps some nuts, and a fruity dressing is the perfect way to really make it a summer salad.

Grilled Portobello Mushrooms

Portobello mushrooms are super healthy and delicious, and they can also serve as the perfect alternative to your favourite meat-based grilled dishes. There are a variety of recipes to choose from that use these versatile mushrooms, so choose a few and give them a try when you’re grilling this summer. You may be surprised by how much they satisfy you.

Couscous with Vegetables

Another great option is to make a couscous dish and load it up with a variety of vegetables. For example, you can opt for Israeli couscous and serve it with peas, corn, and mint for a really refreshing summer dish that will fill you up and give you plenty of energy, fibre, vitamins, and minerals so you can look your best in your bikini.

Chilled Soup

A gazpacho is the perfect chilled soup for summer. Stick with vegetables that are in-season and organic for the best flavours. Great examples include bell peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes. This classic dish is sure to please your friends and family of all ages at your next barbecue or outdoor event, so make plenty and then enjoy the leftovers the next day.

A Healthier Macaroni Salad

Macaroni salad makes a delicious treat in the summer, whether you enjoy it as a meal or as a side to your favourite grilled meals and smoked meat Montreal. But take it a step further and make it healthier by using a plant-based mayonnaise and adding in plenty of fresh, crispy vegetables, such as bell peppers, onions, and celery, or whatever veggies you prefer. These will add flavour and nutrition and take an otherwise boring and bland macaroni salad to a new level.

There are plenty of ways to take an otherwise unhealthy summer meal and transform it into a refreshing, healthy, light summer meal. Ditching a lot of the heavy meats and dairy products and opting for more fresh ingredients, particularly fruits and vegetables, will definitely make a big difference, so indulge in the fact that there is so much in-season produce to enjoy.


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4 Unique Dessert Ideas for Your Next Event

Are you a competitive person that wants to make a statement every time you show up at a party or other event by bringing the best dish in the place? Or maybe you just want to surprise your family with a strange yet tasty treat? You don’t need to be on one of the many cooking-related reality shows to be able to put together a completely memorable dessert that beats the competition, and you don’t even have to make it yourself if you don’t feel like it… and that will be your little secret!

Cherpumple Cake

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Keep reading for a list of four unique dessert ideas that are sure to impress!

1. Cherpumple

The name alone is enough to get you interested, but this dessert is only for the brave and only for people with a lot of time to prepare. To put it simply, the oddly named cherpumple is a cake made up of three different layers, with each layer containing a pie of different flavors. Yes, it’s a cake with three pies in it… cherry, pumpkin, and apple. Each pie is cooked in a different type of cake as well, which include yellow, white, and spice cake. This dessert was invented by Charles Phoenix because, as he says, he could never settle for just one type of pie and wanted to have a taste of all three.

2. Funky Limon Tiger

Limon? You mean lemon, right? No. It’s limon because it combines a layer of key lime filling, a layer of lemon mousse, and finally a layer of whipped cream on top, in a deep dish with a baked chocolate crumb shell. It looks like a tiger’s stripes inside when you cut it, hence the name. This is one of Montreal’s speciality desserts that you can order online, or you could try to make it yourself if you feel up to it.

3. Deep-Fried Chocolate Bars

Depending on where you live, this may not be that strange at all. The most common one to start off with is a deep-fried Mars bar, but you should absolutely try whatever else you think may work well. Of course the trick is to fry it quickly so that the chocolate bar doesn’t disintegrate, and you will be left with the crispy batter on the outside, and warm and gooey chocolate goodness trapped inside.

4. Bacon Doughnut

Because it should be common knowledge by now that bacon makes everything better, why not try adding it to a doughnut for a little bit of weirdness? The most common way to do this is to add crispy bacon pieces sprinkled on top of the doughnut. At first it sounds really strange, but when you think about it… combining sweet and salty tastes is fairly common in the food world and is becoming even more popular these days. You’ve heard of salted caramel, right? Exactly!

So, now that your taste buds are working overtime and your mind is racing with all of the possibilities, you can finally forget about making that tired old chocolate cake that everyone else is already thinking of bringing to the party. Be unique and bring something special that will get everyone talking.

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Six Mouthwatering Sandwich Recipes to Try This Summer

Long warm days just beg you to pull out the picnics, BBQs, and go out on expeditions. No matter what your summer plans, a sandwich is the perfect lunch. Check out these six mouthwatering creations and try them on your hottest day.


Six Mouthwatering Sandwich Recipes to Try This Summer 2


BBQ Pork Sandwich
When you don’t have the time to cook outside and it’s too hot to cook inside, capture the taste of summer with a slow cooker pulled-pork roast. Chop an onion and a few sticks of celery and place at the bottom of the crock. Add a whole pork roast and sprinkle liberally with your favorite grill seasoning. Pour a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar over it all, and set the cooker to low. After 8-10 hours, tear the pork with two forks and serve on buns with your favorite BBQ sauce. It’s easy to make and perfect for when hosting a lot of guests.

Peruvian Triple Sandwich
The triple sandwich is a classic in Peru, and it’s available on almost every street corner in Lima. Toast three slices of Klosterman baking company’s sandwich bread and add mayonnaise. Build the sandwich with one toast topped with sliced tomatoes and avocadoes. Add the second toast and cover with thick slices of boiled egg. Add the final piece of toast on top and cut into quarters.

The Classic Cucumber
Cool and refreshing, a cucumber may be the most delicious vegetable to eat in the heat of summer. Sliced thin, and sprinkled with a bit of salt and fresh dill, they make an equally refreshing sandwich. Softened cream cheese and fresh radish sprouts add a mild kick. Try it on soft Country Potato Bread for an interesting mix of flavors.

The Tomato Sandwich
Another simple summer option is the refreshing tomato sandwich. Start with fresh, ripe tomatoes sliced medium-thin. Lightly toast a hearty white bread and add a light smear of mayonnaise and perhaps a slice of baby swiss and it’s done.

Chicken Salad on Cinnamon Raison Toast
Chicken salad is delicious, but it’s even better served on lightly toasted cinnamon raison bread. Try whole grain bread to add some extra nutrition to your lunch. This is especially yummy with almonds and apples mixed in with the salad.

Roast Beef Po-Boy
It may not be easy to eat on the go, but a good roast beef po-boy will make you want to take your time anyway. Split French bread topped with slices of roast beef, a light drizzle of gravy and dressed with lettuce, tomato, and pickles. It’s a creation worth indulging in.

A summer sandwich needn’t be boring. Add some kick to your summer with a delicious lunch and fresh ingredients for a healthy and delicious option.


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